Leather History 101

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Richard Storer from the Leather Archives & Museum joins BDSM Writers Con. Rick will present a workshop on the History of Leather.


A timeline approach to the establishment of the Leather, Fetish and Kink scene as we know it today. Some questions and topics include: 


* “Why Leather?”
* Leather vs. BDSM organizing
* How members of Leather communities have interacted with one another
* An examination of the early BDSM clubs
* The role of contests in Leather culture
* How AIDS impacted both the gay men’s and the larger scene
* How kink culture used the earliest implementations of the Internet to communicate and community build.


Rick Storer is the Executive Director of the Leather Archives & Museum. He is a certified public accountant and holds a Masters of Library Science degree from Dominican University (River Forest, IL). He has presented papers for library, art and museum conferences and sexuality conferences and enjoys working in the arena where these two subjects overlap. His research interests lie in copyright and privacy issues as related to sexuality and GLBT archives. During his tenure in the corporate world, he worked on a team to successfully bring domestic partner benefits to a large insurance company. Rick joined the Leather Archives staff as Executive Director in 2002, after serving as a volunteer for the museum for several years. He has been presented with awards including Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year, Pantheon of Leather President’s Award, SouthWest Leather Conference Leatherman’s Heart Award and the Peter Thomas award from Rodeo Riders Chicago. He lives in the Chicago area with his husband, Jeffrey Storer.


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