Golden Flogger Award 2015 — Nominees

Golden Flogger Award Nominee transparent BEST BDSM Books
of the Year

 Below are the books nominated for our Golden Flogger Awards. If your favorite author’s book is not listed, consider nominating it. This list is constantly being updated. Check back often.



Review by Category:

* Anthology      *LGBT     * Non-fiction    * Paranormal

* BDSM Romance  * Ménage   * Dominant women and submissive men

BDSM Romance

Alaska Angelini
Gaige: Captive to
the Dark
Alaska Angelini
Cris Anson
Aaron’s Jewel
Anne Lange
Hers to own
Delilah Marvelle
Master of Pleasure
Alaska Angelini
Dom Up, Devlin Black
Alaska Angelini
Slade: Captive to
the Dark
Alaska Angelini
Blake: Captive to
the Dark
Candace Blevins
Safeword Arabesque
Tara Crescent
The Audition
Annabel Joseph
Bound in Blue
Livia Grant
Wanting it all

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Anita Lawless
Her bad boy
Talon ps
Domming the Heiress
Leona D. Reish
The Dressmaker’s Doll
Tymber Dalton
A Roll of the Dice

Bo Blaze

Laci Paige
Silken Kisses
R.G. Alexander
The Cowboy’s Kink
Anita Lawless
Claimed by the
Bad Boy
Willow Brooks
Accepting his proposal
Deanndra Hall
Planning an Addition
Jennifer Kacey
Jenna’s Consent
Jullian Verne
 Amy Valenti
Not your damn
Jackie Ashenden
Living in Sin
Kelly Jamieson
Sweet Obsession
Rhiannon Ayers
Demons Within
 Kristen Proby
Tied with me
Katie Porter
Katie Porter
Joley Sue Buckhart
The Billionaire
Jayne Rylon
Barracuda’s Heart
Threesome 2
Kara Winters
Trusting the Knot
Antony Angleland
The Erotic Empire
Lainie Suzanne
Nexus: The Core of
Erotic Desires
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book cover to
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B.B. Blaque
Not even Death
Still Your Master
Lexi Blake
A View to Thrill
Carly Phillips
Dare to submit
 B.B. Blaque
Eternally Your Master

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BDSM Writers Con, Cris Anson, bdsm romance, fetishes, master slave BDSM Writers Con, Roz Lee, BDSM romance, fetishes, kink BDSM Writers Con, Cecilia Tan, fetish, bondage
Cris Anson
Redemption & Glory
 Alexis Blake
Wicked Series
Roz Lee
Spring Training – Mustangs Baseball
Cecilia Tan
Slow Seduction 
BDSM Writers con, Skye Michaels, kink BDSM Writers Con, Gray Dixon, bondage, Dom, submissive, kink, romance  
Skye Michaels
Mikaela’s Debut
Gray Dixon
Master Dragon
Mckinlay Thomson
The Trouble with Holly
Ann Mayburn
Dimitri’s Forbidden submissive

 Bo Blaze

Adriana Hunter
Rough Edges
Elizabeth SaFleur
Holiday Ties
Ella James
C.P. Mandara
A Rough Ride
Stacey Kennedy
Bared: A Club Sin Novel
Scarlet Hawthorne
Sayara St. Clair
Hurt me…Heal me
Jenna Jacobs
Saving my submission

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Shayla Black
Theirs to Cherish
Angel Payne
Wet for Her Warriors
Lexi Blake
Dungeon Royale
Avery Gale
Punishing for Pleasure


Chloe Cox
Submit & Surrender
Cherise Sinclair
Edge of the Enforcer
Paige Matthews
Dominate Me
Jolynn Raymond
His Lordship’s Wayward Wife
Eden Bradley
Dangerously Bound
Cherise Sinclair
1001 Dark Nights
Show me, Baby
Trista Ann Michaels
Master Delacroix
Claire Thompson
Submission in Paradise
Claire Thompson
Beyond the Compound
Patricia A. Knight
Hers to Claim
 Claire Thompson
The Inner Room
R.E. Hargrave
Sierra Cartwright
Sierra Cartwright
Ashley Spector
The Runaway Bride
Jade Onyx
Prison Bait

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Raven McAllan
A Dom for Christmas
Sam Crescent
Her Dom by
Red Phoenix
Brie’s Denver Desires
Angel Payne
Hot for his Hostage
Saints united GFA  
Kira Barker
Caught in the Middle
Paige Warren
Branding Gemma
Rhiannon Ayers
Saints United
Deanndra Hall
Renovating a Heart

Bo Blaze

Red Phoenix
Brie’s Tokyo Tryst
Rhiannon Ayers
Angel Without
Kathy O’Rourke
Knowing Beth
Bianca Sommerland
Iron Cross
Drury Jamison
Safe Words
 M.Q. Barber
Healing the Wounds
Holly S. Roberts
Temporary Dom
M.Q. Barber
Crossing the Line

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Teresa Noelle Roberts
Out of Control
Catherine Taylor
Jenna L. Spring
Hank & Kate
Corinne Alexander
Brush of Violet

Bo Blaze

Dominant Women & submissive men

Joey W. Hill &
Desiree Holt
Lori King
Mistress Hedonism
Edge Steele
The Wine Club
Lynda Aicher
Bonds of Courage
Samantha Love
Alternative Therapy
Drury Jamison
Safe Words


LGBT Dominance & submission

  skye michaels-alexssacrifice
Morticia Knight
Hesitant Heart
Cat Grant
Breaking Free
L.A. Witt & Cat Grant
 Skye Michaels
Alex’s Sacrificec

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Bo Blaze

 Tiffany Reisz, BDSM Writers Con, bondage  
Tiffany Reisz
The King
L.M. Somerton
Rasputin’s Kiss
Charity Parkerson
Sean Michael
Special Teams
Claire Thompson
The Contract
Tatum Throne
Training Evan
Rain Carrington
Pappy Don’t  Preach
Rain Carrington
Road Runner


Rain Carrington
Crazy Little Man
Called Love
Heidi Cullinan
Tough Love
K.A. Mitchell
Bad Behavior
Josephine Myles
How to train your Dom
in 5-Easy Steps

Bo Blaze

 Threesome 2
Jane Kindred
Master of the Game
Jane Kindred
King of Thieves
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 Jane Kindred
Prince of Tricks

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A.J. Rose
 Austin Blake
Pleasing Master Parker
Heidi Cullinan
Tough Love


Lainey Reese
Embracing the Fall
Shakir Rashaan
Becca Jameson
Bound to be Taken
Becca Jameson
Bound to be Tamed
Rhiannon Ayers
Saints United
Riannon Ayers
Angel Without
Kira Barker
Caught in the Middle
M.Q. Barber
Crossing the line
M.Q. Barber
Healing the Wounds
Shayla Black
Theirs to Cherish
Avery Gale
Punishing for Pleasure
Deanndra Hall
Planning an Addition
Threesome 2
Jennifer Kacey
Jenna’s Consent
Paige Matthews
Dominate Me
Angel Payne
Wet for her warriors
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Holly S. Roberts
Temporary Dom
Bianca Sommerland
Iron Cross
McKinlay Thomson
The Trouble with Holly
Paige Warren
Branding Gemma
Lexi Davis
Bound to Them


Threesome 2
Dana Kane
Conversations with Spankos
Get 2 FREE
 Jolynn Raymond
Taken in Hand
Morte, BDSM Writers Con, kink, leather  Broken Toys: Submissives With Mental Illness and Neurological Dysfunction
Mental Branding
D/s Unraveled
Michael Makai
Raven Kaldera
Mastering Mind
Raven Kaldera
Broken Toys
Michelle Fegatofi
BDSM Basics for
Dr. Charlayne Grenci
Queen of her Domination
Georgia Ivey Green
Tips & Tricks for Keyholders


 Threesome 2
Selena Illyria
Making Demons Purr
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C.J. Sneere
Bad Boy Biker
C.J. Sneere
Bad Boy Alphas
Trinity Blacio
Caging the Bengal Tiger
 Riley Bancroft
Tempest in Disguise
BDSM Writers Con, Joey W. Hill, fetishes, kink, vampires
Joey W. Hill
The Scientific Method
A Vampire Queen Novel
Gray Dixon
Playing with a Vampire
Laurell K. Hamilton
Shoshana Evers
Beauty & The Beast


Edited by:
Lori Perkins
First Annual
BDSM Writers Con Anthology
Edited by: Rachel Kramer Bussel
The Big Book of submission
Edited by: Alison Tyler
Twisted: Bondage with an Edge
Edited by:
Molly Synthia and Rage Elric
Bondage, Domination & Rough Treatment
Edited by: D.L. King
The Big Book of
Edited by: D.L. King
Slave Girls: Erotic stories
of submission
Edited by D.L. King
She who must be Obeyed:
Fem Dominant Lesbian Erotica
Edited by: Egnis Jones
Shanna Germain
As Kinky as you wanna be
Marilu Mann, Marianne
LaCroix, Christine d’Abo,
Jenna Reynolds

Even Merrier Kinkmas


Note: Although the First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology cannot be considered for the Golden Flogger Award as it might be considered a bias interest, the Judges wanted to acknowledge the numerous individuals who have nominated the book thus far and the twenty-one spectacular authors who contributed their stories to make it great. We hope those authors’ other books will be nominated for this prestigious BDSM erotic novels award.

Bo Blaze  March 31, 2015

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