Golden Flogger Award Nominees 2018


Golden Flogger Award Nominee transparent BEST BDSM Books of the Year 2018


Below are books nominated by fans, publishers and authors for the prestigious Golden Flogger Awards. Click the cover or title to get your copy. Then share your thoughts with us. (This list is constantly being updated; check often.) 

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BDSM Light

C.R. Lemon
Naturally His
Shelly Douglas
Her Rancher Daddy
 Lilith Darville
Ticket to Temptation
Regina Kammer
The Westerman Affair
P. Nelson
Take My Hand
 P. Nelson
The Heart of the Matter

BDSM Advanced

Sara Brookes
Dirty Irish
Chloe Cox
Her Once & Future Dom
Measha Stone
Black Light: Cuffed
Shawn Hunter
Master May I
Tiffany N. York
The Submissive Muse
 Rose C. Carole
Catering to his Desires
Kendra Hill
The Rules: Beautiful Forced Submission
Jamila Jasper
Bound & Gagged
Charlotte Wilde
Chosen by the Boss
Jenna Jacob
Resisting my Submission

BDSM Dark Erotica

Annabel Joseph
Dark Control
Scarlett Flame
From willing sub
to enslaved Captive

Dominant Women/submissive men

Drury Jamison
The Red Kiss
Brandy Schmitt
Hers to Control
Lilac James
The Devil’s Domme

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Joey W. Hill
Truly Helpless
L.K. Shaw
Secrets of Redemption
Elizabeth SaFleur
The White House
Gets a Spanking



C.H. Roquel
Owning Jillian
Piper Scott
E.M. Denning
What He Needs
Katie Douglas
Serving the Immortals
D.J. Heart
Forbidden Love


Isabell Starling
Laura Kaye
Theirs to Take

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Laura Kaye
Eyes on You
Sophie Stern
Monica Corwin
One Shade of Gray


Paranormal, Futuristic, Fantasy

C.H. Roquel
The Vampire’s Pet Wolf
Melissa Snow
Dominated by the
Vampire King
Celia Styles
His Reign, His Chains,
Her Pleasure
Tiffany Reisz
The Red
Christine Feehan
Dark Promises
Renee Rose
His Human Vessel
Renee Rose & Lee Savino
Alpha’s Prize


Zoe Perdita
Livia Grant, Renee Rose, Maren Smith,
Jennifere Bene, Addison Cain, Lee Savino,
Sophie Kisker, Measha Stone
Black Light: Valentine Roulette


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Evie Vane
Better Bondage for Every Body
Sandra Clark
Slaves, Summer & Supremacy
Amber Cole
Sweaty Mess Sex Games
Elizabeth Cramer
The BDSM Playbook
 Aisha-Sky Gates
Unequal Partnership

Bo BlazeFebruary 13, 2018