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To nominate books published in 2017
use link below

The intent of BDSM Writers Con is to help expand knowledge of what BDSM is for writers AND readers. We seek books which portray a credible and positive outlook on Dominance and submission and the individuals who embrace this highly diverse lifestyle.

BDSM books must have an original publication date of 2016 and be at least 15,000 words or more to qualify for nomination. It goes without saying that the book MUST have a D/s story line to qualify for nomination. No previously published nor revised books accepted. Anyone can nominate a book for the Golden Flogger Award. Box sets must be nominated individually. Only one book per nomination. You will receive further instructions once the nomination fee is received.

Deadline:   Closed for books published in 2016

Nominations for Golden Flogger Award 2018 are being accepted.

There is a $25 submission fee per book required. Click this link for nomination!


July 7, 2017