BDSM Mentorship Group

You are ONE-STEP away from taking part in this revolutionary new Intensive BDSM Mentorship  

Our Private BDSM Group Mentorship program includes:

  • A weekly private Live Chat where you can ask questions and interact with other participants. 
  • A safe place where members can provide their opinions and share their knowledge. 
  • An ongoing question and answer section for members only.
  • Various themes and topics discussed throughout the weeks on Dominance and submission relationships, polyamory, ménage, sexuality and creating BDSM scenes and play. 
  • Participants can email their questions and receive a full response during the Live Chat.  
  • Unlimited email interactions with Dr. Charley Ferrer. 
  • Privacy and confidentiality always respected.

Each week we will discuss a different topic specific to Dominance and submission play, relationships, and sexuality to assist our private BDSM Mentorship Group members understanding the vast complexities of these types of power exchange relationships.

You’ll be privy to many actual D/s lifestyle tips and tricks which will help you learn as you are embracing this lifestyle for yourself, with your partner, or for work (whether as a writer, mental health worker, or physician.)

Weekly Live Chats will be held where we will review questions submitted via email or our private group as well as discuss specific topics on erotica, BDSM, polyamory, ménage, and more.

More importantly, each week we will address YOUR specific questions and concerns within the allotted time.

Live Chats held every Sunday 7:00 pm EST

Live Chats last 60 minutes.

For Authors:  Our private BDSM Mentorship Group is a critical investment in your writing future!

Discover what other authors had to say about the information you’ll obtain

Jessica Lee

“Dr. Charley’s responses to the group’s questions were delivered in a wonderfully detailed manner that was easily understood. I don’t feel I could have found this sort of intensive information anywhere else!”
Jessica Lee
Author: Undying Destiny
A Novel of the Enclave

Dr. Charley is an awesome teacher!
I can’t wait for the next New York City Workshop.
Also, her BDSM for Writers Group Forum is a terrific place to
find support and encouragement and to discuss ideas
with other like-minded writers.”
Cris Anson
Author: No Patience
Cassandra Carr headshot
“The BDSM for Writers group has been invaluable to me, both for educational purposes and for support!”
Cassandra Carr
Author in anthology: Going All In

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You must be 19 years of age or older to join this group!