Golden Flogger Award Finalists — 2016

Below are our Golden Flogger Award Finalists. We believe these 38–books represent some of the best BDSM romance and non-fiction on the market today. Finalists are listed alphabetically by author in each category. We received 201 books for consideration of the Golden Flogger Award. Of these, 38 books were disqualified as they did not meet our criteria for a BDSM novel. We hope you enjoy these novels as much as we did.
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Bo Blaze 
BDSM Light

R.G. Alexander
Sierra Cartwright
Roz Lee
Suspended Games
Corrine A. Silver
Maddie Taylor


BDSM Advanced

Darling Adams
Punishing Portia
Linzi Basset
His Cherished Sub
Lexi Blake
Just One Taste
Felicity Brandon
Submission at
the Tower
Cara Bristol
Irresistible Attraction
Sierra Cartwright
Lila Dubois
Red Ribbon
Joey W. Hill
Soul Rest
Tiffany Reisz
The Queen
Elizabeth SaFleur
Claire Thompson
The Keyholder
Michele Zurlo


BDSM Dark Erotica

 Eden Bradley
Anabel Joseph
Torment Me



Evelyn Bliss
The Violin’s Puppeteer
Katy Swann
Kneel for You


Dominant Women & submissive Men

Sherri Hayes
Burning For Her Kiss
Roni Loren
Break Me Down



Laura Antoniou
The Inheritor
M.Q. Barber
Becoming his Master
Kim Dare
Seeking Something:
Sun, Sea & Submission
Roz Lee
Yours, Thankfully
L.M. Somerton
Scorched Edges



Nia Farrell
Something Else
Jenna Jacobs
Seduced by My Doms
Lainey Reese
Embracing the Fall



 Joey W. Hill
Night’s Templar



Bethany Burke
of a Spanking Author
 I.G. Frederick
Connecting to Kink
Safely exploring your BDSM fantasies online
Summer Sterling
Confessions of a Bad Submissive


 BWC Anthology 2015
 Judith Anderson
Pretty When You Cry
Dr. Charley Ferrer
BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2015
 F. Lenora Solomon
Tie Me Up
A Binding Collection


Note: The judges would like to acknowledge the fact that BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2015 was nominated by several individuals and reached the Finalist’s stage of the Golden Flogger Awards. Unfortunately, it cannot be considered further due to its association with the conference. Therefore, we’d like to acknowledge its Finalist nomination and the authors within it who wrote wonderful stories for your enjoyment. And though you many not find it on Amazon, as they sent the book to the naughty bin, you can purchase your copy here and enjoy.

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Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
Host & Founder
BDSM Writers Con

Bo Blaze July 13, 2016