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Want to put your books in the hands of readers? Want to ensure it stays there for years to come? Then consider advertising in our unique Program Notebook.

Unlike other ads that last a measly 30-days or a few months, your book cover and text ads will be with our conference participants for years to come! Our Program Notebook is filled with important information about the conference workshops, program schedules, BDSM basics, and the participant’s own notes, quickly turning this into a valuable resource participants will treasure for years to come. Our unique Program Notebooks provides lined pages for note taking and jotting down ideas for new books and resource information as well as blank pages for autographs. Purchase a COMBO AD and for maximum exposure. Check out the deals below, then get yours!

Combo Ads: $60   (book cover & text ad) —  BEST DEAL!
Receive a book cover & text ad for only $60. Each ad placed in different locations throughout our Program Notebook for maximum exposure. Click this link to purchase.

Full page book cover ads:  $50
Can be a new or post released book. Submit your cover in size 5×8, 300 DPI. Only one book cover per page.
Text ad:  $25
Up to five(5) lines of text. Can be a quote from your book, a list of your books & contact info, Golden Flogger Award nominees/wins, etc. The fifth line is reserved for your pen name. You can add up to five additional lines for $10.  (70 words/spaces per line.)

Example of text ad
What began as a night of submission,
became something more.
It became something…unequaled.
Unequaled by Charity Parkerson

Up to five (5) additional lines of text:  $10

Up to five(5) additional lines of text. (70 spaces/characters per line)

Non-author ads — $200:
Individual companies, publishers, vendors and non-authors can purchase ads at the full rate of $200 per page. All ads are inside pages, black and white. (Note: Publishers can purchase ads for their authors at the discounted rates offered above.)

BACK cover ad — $500:
Purchase the back cover of our Program Notebook in full color.

Deadline for ads:
July 1 —  New York City conference
February 10 — Everett conference

Don’t delay. Order today!

Note: All ads are inside pages, black and white unless you specifically purchase the back cover which is full color. No refunds.

We love this unique Program Notebook so much, we’re making it part of every conference. It’s such a great marketing tool we’re sure other conferences will soon be using it as well.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Once you make your purchase send Text ad and book cover to us at:


May 16, 2016