Golden Flogger Awards — Finalists 2018

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of the Year 2018



Laci Page
Silken Courage
Pandora Spocks
For Sparrow
Nia Farrell
Find Her
Shelly Douglas
Her Rancher Daddy
Lilith Darville
Ticket to Temptation

BDSM Advanced

Chloe Cox
Her Once & Future Dom
Measha Stone
Black Light: Cuffed
Rose C. Carole
Catering to his Desires
Jenna Jacob
Resisting my Submission

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BDSM Dark Erotica

Linzi Basset
Seth’s Revenge
Annabel Joseph
Dark Control

Dominant Women/submissive men

Drury Jamison
The Red Kiss
Joey W. Hill
Truly Helpless
Elizabeth SaFleur
The White House
Gets a Spanking

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L.M. Somerton
Sand Trap
Layla Dorine
Burning Luck


 Laura Kaye
Theirs to Take
 Nia Farrell
Night Music


Nia Farrell
The Dark Side
 Laura Kaye
Eyes on You

Paranormal, Futuristic, Fantasy

Tiffany Reisz
The Red
Christine Feehan
Dark Promises
Renee Rose & Lee Savino
Alpha’s Prize


D.L. King
Unspeakable Erotica
Livia Grant, Renee Rose, Maren Smith,
Jennifere Bene, Addison Cain, Lee Savino,
Sophie Kisker, Measha Stone
Black Light: Valentine Roulette


Evie Vane
Better Bondage for Every Body
Rebecca Blanton
The Big Workbook for Submissives

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Bo BlazeAugust 13, 2018


Golden Flogger Awards — Finalists 2018 — 4 Comments

  1. I read “For Sparrow” by Pandora Spocks a few months back. Not normally a big fan of BDSM, but Pandora delivers a story that needed that element to make the story believable.

    And that was what ‘For Sparrow” was, believable. It wasn’t filled with one-dimensional characters, there simply to fill a role, but with relatable and complex characters that you could see, feel, and cheer for.

    Superb writing.

  2. I would like to nominate FOR SPARROW by PANDORA SPOCKS. This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever is one of those special books that will stay in my psyche for a very long time. A truly phenomenal erotic love is emotionally charged and has the potential to have a profound and moving influence on the certainly did for me!

    In my opinion FOR SPARROW would be a worthy winner of this award. I cannot praise it enough.

  3. For Sparrow was an excellent read! The story flows and the characters pull you in. You won’t put this down until you finish it. A must read.

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