Golden Flogger Award 2016 — Nominees

Golden Flogger Award Nominee transparent BEST BDSM Books of the Year 2016

Below are the books nominated by fans and publishers for our prestigious Golden Flogger Awards. If your favorite author’s book is not listed, consider nominating it. This list is constantly being updated. Check back often.


Review by Category

*BDSM Light     *BDSM Advanced     *BDSM Dark Erotica     *Novella
*Anthology    *Non-Fiction      *LGBT       * Ménage     *Paranormal,Futuristic,Fantasy                              *Dominant women & submissive men

BDSM Light                                     Click here to View Alphabetically

Paige Matthews &
Dawn White
Rough Submission
Shelly Bell
Blue Blooded
Darcie Rian
A Legal Education
Ashlee Shades
Blind Sensations
Jordon St. John
The Colonel’s Woman
R.G. Alexander
Paige Matthews
Christie Adams
Love is Danger
Normandie Allenman
Poor Little Daddy’s Girl
Ashe Barker
Red Skye at Night
Katherine Deane
Cassie and the
Fire Captain
Cover not available
Sierra Cartwright
Natalie Dae
Kate Deveaux
A Vixen in Venice
Selene Jasper

Bo Blaze

Corrine Silver 2
Nese Lane
The Dom Delivers
Helena Maeve
Glass Houses
Bella Settarra
Waiting on Summer
Corrine A. Silver

Maddie Taylor
Maggie Ryan &
Laurel Jane
Realizing Her Dream
Cherise Sinclair
Master of Freedom
Katherine Deane
Wren’s Redemption

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Dakota Willink
Heart of Stone

BDSM Advanced

Sebastian Ex
Dangerous Desire
Maren Smith
Owning O
Maggie Ryan
Blessed Beginnings
Stevie MacFarlane
A Timeless Woman
Lainie Suzanne
Lexi Blake
Just One Taste
Elsa Black
Big Beautiful Little
Sebastian Ex
Carnal Desire
Linzi Basset
His Cherished sub
Rose C. Carole
Catering to his Needs
Tara Me Sue
The Exhibitionist
Emily Tilton


Bo Blaze

Erzebet Bishop
Tara Me Sue
The Collar
Darling Adams
Punishing Portia
Rachel De Lune
Jenna Barton
Closer & Closer
Felicity Brandon
Submission at the Tower
Cara Bristol
Irresistible Attraction
Michelle Zurlo
(Doms of the FBI)
Sierra Cartwright
Lila Dubois
Red Ribbon
Francesca Hawley
Hanky Spanky
Joey W. Hill
Soul Rest
Lise Horton
Hold Tight
Roz Lee
Suspended Games
R.B. O’Brien
(Natalie’s Edge)
Anne Rice
Beauty’s Kingdom

BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer, kink, bondage

Elizabeth SaFleur
K.L. Silver
Lauren Smith
Gilded Cuff
Katy Swann
Kneel for You
Claire Thompson
The Keyholder
Tiffany Reisz
The Queen
Sierra Cartwright
Linzi Basset
His Forever sub


BDSM Dark Erotica

Alaska Angelini
Chase: Dark &
Annabel Joseph
Torment Me
 Lili Valente
Dark Domination
 Catherine Taylor
Sins of the Master
Lexi Syrah
Charlotte E. Hart
Absorbing White
Autumn Raynne
Devil She Became
Eden Bradley
Girl (The Training House)

BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer, kink, bondage
Dominant Women & submissive men

Thomas LaValle
Dancing Backward
An Adventure in
Male Submission
Korin I. Dushayl
Spyder’s Trouble
Mistress Benay
FemDom Law Firm
A Tale of Female Domination
Cherise Sinclair
Serving the Target
Sherri Hayes
Burning for Her Kiss
Sheryl Nantus
Strictly Business

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Roni Loren
Break Me Down
Kat DeSalle and
Kristin Leigh Jones
501 Ways to Tie a Knot
D.L. King
A Scarlet Christmas
Take me to Church
Fallen Kitte


LGBT Dominance & submission

Anastasia Vitsky
Roz Lee
Yours, Thankfully
Avery Aster
 Laura Antoniou
The Inheritor
M.Q. Barber
Becoming his Master
 Kim Dare
Seeking Something: Sun, Sea, & submission
Claire Britain
Reining in Riley
cover not available
Jane Davitt
Life Under New Management
Gabriel Grey
The Contract
Jacqueline Grey
Limits & Stakes
Morticia Knight
Building Bonds
Sean Michael
Bondage: Sealed with a Kink
Gale Stanley
The Rules (Scenes from the Underground)
L.M Somerton
Scorched Edges
Anna Zabo
Just Busines

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Evelyn Bliss -- Kittens_Punishment
Maggie Ryan
Rosie’s Resolution
Nia Farrell
Something More
Evelyn Bliss
Kitten’s Punishment
Jenna Jacobs
Seduced by My Doms
Lilah E. Noir
Stroker Ace
Tabitha Black
Sharing Silver
Cerise Noble
Bianka’s Baby
 Marie Tuhart
Bound & Teased
Kira Barker
Tied Between
Lainey Reese
Embracing the Fall
Kira Barker
Come Undone
Casey McKay
Lissa Trevor
Ménage  A Musketeer
Vanessa Vale
Their Kidnapped Bride


Alta Hensley
Conquering Lazar
Erzabet Bishop
Avery Aster
XO, Blake
Evelyn Bliss
The Violin’s Puppeteer
Aubrey Cara
Taming Kat
James Cox
Chaos Unchained
 Sindra van Yssel
too Hip for Love
Velma Glenn
Take Me Now
S.J. Maylee
Taking Over
Julia Sparks
Dominate Me
Celia Styles
Stepbrother: Movement
of the Moon
Aubrey Cara
Candi’s Debt

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Mistress Benay
The Male Chastity Revolution
Rebecca Elizabeth Blanton
Love Letters to
a Unicorn
Rebecca Lawson
Dominatrix 101
Summer Sterling
Confessions of a Bad Submissive

BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer, kink, bondage

K. E. Enzweiler
M/s for the Rest of Us
Galen Fous
Decoding Your Kink
Bethany Burke
Confessions of a
Spanking Author
Charles Wratten
& Emily Wratten
Eureka on the Net
I.G. Frederick
Connecting to Kink

Paranormal, Futuristic & Fantasy

Alta Hensley
A Slave Huntsmen
Lilith K. Duat &
Maria DeLynn
The Disturbia Ritual
 Renee Rose
Alpha’s Hunger
Riley Bancroft
Fractures of Betrayal
Joey W. Hill
Night’s Templar
Gianna Simone
Claimed by the Zyndevine
Lainie Suzanne
Blood Moon
Sue Lyndon
Claiming His Human Wife
Marianne Maguire
 Alaska Angelini
Prey (Marko Delacroix #1)



Judith Anderson
Pretty When You Cry
Rachel Kramer Brussel
Best Bondage Erotica
Dr. Charley Ferrer
BDSM Writes Con Anthology 2015
Xan West
Show Yourself To Me (Queer Kink Erotica)
Kayla Lords
Madame Gretchen
F. Leonora Solomon
Tie Me Up
 Georgia Ivey Green
Mistress Ivey’s
Femdom Fantasies
Sarah Smeaton
Over the Knee

Bo Blaze May 9, 2016

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