Newsletter — March 2, 2015

Hi all,

As we prepare for the upcoming boisterous St. Patrick’s Day, I have a few announcements that will make you raise your glasses and shout with cheers.

collars 007First, everyone signing up in March will be entered to win a beautiful pair of metal handcuffs donated by Dungeon Delights. If you register by St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll provide a matching collar. (This is a value of over $200; thus, you’re basically coming to the conference for $50.)

We’re still hosting our THREESOME…that’s books not people…for our Golden Flogger Award nominees. It goes like this: go to our nominee’s page, click on any book cover to purchase your copy from Amazon, show us your receipt, and we’ll give you two more eBooks FREE!  

One hundred and twenty-one books have been nominated for our prestigious Golden Flogger Award. We’ve broken down the award categories based on the types of books we’ve received and the different genres in the market. Our categories are: anthology; LGBT Dominance & submission; Dominant women and submissive men; non-fiction; paranormal; and BDSM Romance. We’ve recently added a Ménage category to the Golden Flogger Awards.

Please help us find the best books on BDSM in the various categories especially those that are hard to find like paranormal BDSM and Dominant women and their submissive man books. We know they’re out there! Also, we encourage everyone to nominate books from aspiring, self-published, indie, and unknown authors. Anyone can win the Golden Flogger Award for excellence in BDSM writing; you can be a part of making that happen.

We’ve had several individuals asked about my private BDSM Mentorship Programs. Yes, I conduct individual, couples and group BDSM Mentorship Programs. The next program starts March 15.  I conduct separate BDSM Group Mentorship Programs for submissive and Dominants as the participant’s needs are different. If you’re interested in joining one of these groups, please email me.  Joining one of these exclusive Groups requires a commitment of six-months. These BDSM Group Mentorships provide an in-depth education on the D/s lifestyle, self-awareness assignments, and more to help you embrace your core dominance or submission. These BDSM Mentorship Groups are conducted live via webinars and private email/phone instructions. To discover more, please email me. Groups are limited to ten participants and fill quickly.

I look forward to seeing you all in New York City on August 20-23 for BDSM Writers Con. 

Live with passion,

Doctor Charley…

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