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žTheJenny & Karla workshop will be an interactive session where authors, readers, and others will be able to enjoy some of the most steamy scenes of 2015.

žThe various scenes will be read and reviewed by participants and panelists. We will then discuss for accuracy, Hotness, and common interest if any.

žWe hope that this workshop will help you to create the best scenes for your book based on our readers feedback.

žJoin these two wonderful ladies as they highlight 12 of the most steamy scenes from 2015.

* Share your steamy scene

* Find common mistakes

* What you have vs. what you are missing in your next scene?

* Sharing Ideas to make your next scene and more enticing to your readers.

Presenters:  Jenny C & Ms. Poke (Karla)

With lots of fabulous prizes, games and fun this workshop is sure to have yo laughing in the isles.

About Jenny
Jenny is a short story unpublished author who loves romance.   She writes, works, goes to school full time and has a family. You are probably wondering how can she have time to write, let’s just say; “writing is a hobby.” When she’s not frightening her coworkers and friends, she’s most likely frightening her husband and their three adventurous kids. Since this is all about Jenny, she has bragging rights. There are no words to describe her; she’s just amazing and you can’t really know Jenny until you meet her.

About Karla
Karla is a nerd at heart and can be found watching her favorite T.V. shows or reading anything paranormal except “Twilight” because let’s face real vampires don’t sparkle. She tends to change her mind on any given day. Loves to read and it’s a great way to pass the time when stuck at football, baseball, or basketball practice for her younger brothers.


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