Writing Erotica: I have to say what? Write what? Are you kidding me?

Desiree Holt You’re fascinated by erotica. Want to write it. Want to write about it. But you don’t now if you can use those words. Those phrases. Picture in your mind people doing those things. To write erotica that people will enjoy reading—that you would enjoy reading, you have to feel comfortable in your own skin while writing it.

Just as you want your readers drawn into the fantasy of being the heroine, that fantasy should be one you aspire to, also. You don’t want to flinch while you’re writing it but instead feel as if you are actually in the scene. Writing about hot sex of all kinds can be very comfortable and entertaining once you discover how to create your comfort zone with the words. And discover that you’re writing erotic, not smut. There’s a big difference.

Learn how to be comfortable using graphic words and descriptions. How and when they should be used. How to let your overactive imagination loose creating scenes and situations without going so far you offend your readers or yourself. How to get yourself in the mood to create those graphic scenes. Tap into your inner core. It’s all about the pleasure, you know. Pleasure you give, pleasure you receive. It’s well worth the journey. All it takes is common sense and some practical guidelines. So bring your curiosity and your notepads and we’ll let it all hang out.

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