Putting the Reality and Romance in Your BDSM Story – Without Having to Don Leather

Joey W. Hill, BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer, bondage, bdsm romance

Joey W. Hill


Putting the Reality and Romance

in Your BDSM Story

Without Having to Don Leather


In this workshop, Cris Anson and Joey W. Hill, veterans of the erotic romance genre, will explain how they make their BDSM romances powerful, emotional and authentic.

If you want to write kink into your sexy books, you don’t need personal experiences as a prerequisite, but you will have to do thorough research. Your readers deserve an accurately written book about the BDSM lifestyle. Without having to experience kink directly, how

Cris Anson, BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer, kink, bondage, fetishes

Cris Anson

and where are the best places to research this fascinating and popular genre?

Then there’s the story itself. The Dom hero is such a close cousin to our traditional “alpha” hero, but how do you integrate those traditional romance elements readers anticipate and love with BDSM, so that the mechanics don’t overpower everything and the love story is lost?

Since the driving goal of this workshop is how to integrate romance and reality into a BDSM relationship story to make it a fully satisfying experience for the reader, readers are welcome to attend. The workshop will include a Q&A period, so bring your questions and insights to share! (Note: we will have 3×5 cards for those who want their comments/questions to be anonymous!)

Presenters: Cris Anson & Joey W. Hill

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