Track Two

BDSM WRITERS CON 2014 is the first conference of its kind dedicated to everyone interested in writing about or exploring the world of Dominance and submission.                                                                       (go to Track One)

Track Two

Though geared toward writers with specific themes in the BDSM genre to assist authors create more realistic characters and scenes, Track Two is open to all conference participants and readers are encouraged to participate. Workshops in Track Two will address story creation, tools of the trade, and marketing aspects. Readers, attending these workshops is a great way to learn how authors think and discover “behind the scenes” secrets…or should we say…”beneath the covers” secrets.


Bad Guys/Good Stories: the psychology of writing great villains

Be Careful or You’ll End Up in My Novel

BDSM for Writers — What you MUST know to ensure your story’s credible! 

BDSM Play– How & Why we do what we do (Live Demo)

BDSM for Supernatural Creatures (Dominant wolves and their submissive mates)

Building Your Publicity Media Book

How to Make the USA Today or New York Times Bestseller Lists — Without an Agent or Publisher!

How to Write and Sell BDSM in an Ever Changing Market 

Putting the Reality and Romance in Your BDSM Story – Without Having to Don Leather

Writing Polyamory: What is it & What it Isn’t

Writing Dominant Heroines and ALPHA Submissive Heroes


Live Demos

All live demonstrations will be conducted by BDSM Lifestyle Practitioners who have several years experience in those techniques.These individuals are not performers. They are men and women who embrace the Dominance and submission lifestyle. Due to safety issues some workshops will be conducted at the BDSM Club.

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Last update April 15, 2014

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