Spanking & Discipline (Live Demo)

cassandra with bathbrushCassandra Park will discuss one of the more ubiquitous types of play in the BDSM world: spanking. It’s a type of play that’s practically mainstream—television shows like Weeds and The Big Bang Theory have featured spanking scenes, and in the 2002 movie Secretary the title character is spanked by her boss. Many couples who would never admit to being kinky have spanked each other during sex. But as widespread as this type of play is, there’s no one way of doing it, and there’s no one type of “spanko.” Sometimes it’s foreplay before sex; sometimes it’s discipline with no sex at all. Cassandra will talk about the reasons people like to spank or be spank, common fantasies shared by spankos, and implements typically used in spanking and discipline play.

Cassandra Park is an editor and writer (erotic and mainstream) who has been in the BDMS lifestyle for more than 25 years. She dabbles in many types of play but gravitates to spanking and discipline play. She and her husband attend several spanking parties a year around the country. Cassandra writes about the scene on her blog, Sandy’s Room. In the vanilla world, she enjoys photography, reading, and making things. She lives in Queens, NY.

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