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Hi all,

Sign-up today and SAVE $50 off the early-bird registration price for either New York City or Everett Washington. Take advantage of our easy payment plan as we celebrate our west coast expansion.

If you’re joining us in Everett, you’ll be thrilled by our first BDSM Writers BALL. We’re joining forces with the Leather & Kink community in Everett to bring the dungeon to you. Yep, we’re creating a unique dungeon experience at the hotel. Best of all, you’ll be able to invite friends and fans to join us without them having to attend the full conference. Thus, purchase a few extra tickets for the BALL and raffle them off on your website to fans or give them away as holiday presents. Plus, don’t forget to stick around Sunday from noon to 4:00 pm for our Book Fair & Fetish Vending event. We have special surprises in store for you.

Check out our workshops for 2016 here are two:
Hypno-Write will connect you with your inner muse, allowing you to overcome obstacles such as writers block to open the door to your imagination and tap into your creative genius. Not a writer? Not to worry! Hypno-Write is for everyone. It’ll allow you to create amazing scenarios of your own to enjoy with loved ones bypassing inhibitions and exploring without censor.

Want to push the envelope to the edge and beyond? Master Trooper will capture your attention with his hard hitting workshop on Interrogations, Edge Play and Waterboarding. As a former State Trooper and military personnel experienced in interrogations, Master Trooper will demonstrate what interrogations are really all about and how to intensify your scenes while keeping your submissive safe. Authors writing military novels will especially love this workshop; as will anyone who wants to add an extra bite to their D/s or is interested in peeking over the edge.

Don’t forget to check out our “attending authors” section to see who’s already signed up. Don’t see your favorite author on the list? Why not invite them to join us!

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

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