Newsletter July 13, 2014

BDSM Book Fair 2014

Hi all,

Just another 38 days to go before BDSM Writers Con. With every week that goes by we do a little dance.

As you already know, we’ve opened the conference up to One-Day Passes. This allows authors and fans who weren’t able to join us for the full conference to attend.

Choose from:

One-Day Pass for $99 (workshops only)

Saturday Pass including Private BDSM Club $150

Consider doing a mini-getaway and stay with us at the Roosevelt Hotel Saturday night. This way, you can party till dawn at our Private BDSM Club, Riverdale Ave Book, BDSM Writers Con, fetishes, bondage, romancesleep in, then join us at noon on Sunday for our BDSM Book Fair & Between The Covers Erotica Reading Series sponsored by Riverdale Avenue Books. Use our hotel discount and stay for only $219 a night. (Discount code: Writers Con) Stay any nights between August 19 – 26 for the same low price.

Our Workshops Schedule is now up. Feel free to review what’s happening every day and plan your itinerary for the conference.

Remember to help us spread the word about BDSM Writers Con and about our FREE BDSM Book Fair on Sunday. (I’ve attached a copy of our BDSM Book Fair Flyer.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dr. Charley Ferrer, BDSM Writers Con, BDSM romance, bondage, fetishes, Dominance and submission


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