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I read a short novella this morning which I thought might have potential. I found the author’s writing to be very straight forward and edgy and her love scene raw. Not something I’ve seen often as most authors are more “flowery” in their sexual acts. The author proclaimed her book a BBW BDSM which drew my attention as I’m a BBW myself. By the time I got to chapter two and three, I was pleased it was a very short novella because I was ready to toss my phone across the desk. Not only did the author continue the misinformation that people in BDSM all have mental issues, she provided one for each of her characters. The hero had schizophrenia which she stated was misdiagnosed and he was “maybe bi-polar or manic depressive”, the doctors weren’t sure. The heroine had an anxiety disorder which she had to stop in the middle of them getting ready to be sexual to calm herself down with meditation while he eagerly watched on “staying hard”. And we learn that the hero’s ex-girlfriend tried to commit suicide and he has to rush off to be with her after a post-coital nap. Can you say, “over kill”?

I don’t make a fuss when authors write about us (lifestyle participants) despite not knowing much about the lifestyle and its various nuances; not everyone can understand the unique dynamics of a D/s relationship. What I do object to is the constant perpetuation of the misconception that we’re all broken and in need of treatment and medication. Authors need to educate themselves, do their research—as they would with any other topic! It shows their caliber and dedication to their craft. Without it, they’re merely someone screaming “fire” in a crowded movie theater. Worse of all, they’re taking their fans down that road of ignorance with them.

Okay, that’s my little “public service announcement” for the day.

To turn this discussion toward the positive side, I wrote a letter and invited the author to BDSM Writers Con 2015. I hope she attends. If you read authors you think could benefit from the education we provide at BDSM Writers Con, please invite them. We’d all benefit from it in the long run in terms of decreasing the misrepresentation that leads to prejudices.

Below are a few books that provide a realistic depiction of Dominance and submission.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
America’s BDSM Expert

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