He said…She said — Laci Paige

Laci PaigeAfter attending the BDSM for Writers Workshop [now BDSM Writers Con] in NYC August 2013, all I can say is, “Wow!” Researching the subject of BDSM via blogs, websites, forums, and books can be taxing, and you’re never sure what you read is the real deal. I can honestly say that this workshop was exactly what I needed. I learned the in’s and out’s from people with experience. It helped me with my writing, and believe it or not, my personal life too. From the basics on up, Dr. Charley covered a wide range of the lifestyle dynamics, as well as lining up some pretty awesome guest speakers – who also write and live the lifestyle. We were treated to some hands-on demos of the violet wand, flogging, and fire play. Included were some pretty exciting field trips: we got to explore Purple Passions – where I had my first fitting for a real corset, and we attended the BDSM club, Paddles for an eye opening experience. And as a bonus, I met some great women, and made new lifelong friends. I can’t wait for the BDSM Writers Conference of 2014!
Laci Paige
Author of Silken Edge series



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