Elizabeth SaFleur

Elizabeth SaFleur


Below are a few comments from our Featured Author, Elizabeth SaFleur created of “Elite Doms of Washington”


Why did you attend BDSM Writers Con?
My main motivation for attending the conference was to gain a deeper understanding of how BDSM works in the real world. I write contemporary erotic romance, which can quickly spin into “fantasy world.” I wanted to learn more about BDSM from people who engage in it – not just from fiction.

What was your experience like?
I had an amazing time at the conference. First, meeting other writers and BDSM “lifestylers” was a joy. Everyone who attended was so accepting and more than willing to answer my silly questions. Before the conference, I’m not sure I fully grasped the depth of this unique and generous community.

Also, being able to see play in action — knife play, fire play, intimidation and “take-downs,” electrical play, bondage, suspension, spanking and more — gave me a level of sensory input I didn’t have before. Now I’ll be able to breathe new life into characters and scenes that wouldn’t have been possible without that real world observation.

What workshops did you enjoy the most?

The edge play session with NauttiBoy and his partner, Trouble, was very exciting to see. I had no idea knife play could be so . . . stimulating! At one point my husband (who attended with me) looked over and asked, “we’re going to have to invest in knives now, aren’t we?” I guess he could tell by the look on my face how much I liked it.

What was your most memorable experience?
Meeting all the other writers – including my favorite author, Joey W. Hill (and learning she really is as nice and friendly as she is online) — was a thrill. Joey provided some terrific writing advice during her sessions around giving characters motivations that might be different from your own. Also, being able to attend the play party at Powder’s Room was a gift. In particular, I grew mesmerized by a couple engaged in a St. Andrews Cross flogging scene where I could “see” the connection happening between the Dom and sub. It was magical.

Would you return to BDSM Writers Con 2015?
Yes, I absolutely would – and am trying to work it out so I can go in 2015.
BDSM Writers Con was by far the best conference to attend for anyone who writes stories with BDSM elements. The discussions about the lifestyle, the various kinks and activities and real-life experiences provided far more insight into this world than any amount of googling could ever achieve.


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