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Cris Anson, BDSM Writers Con, kink, bondage, Charley Ferrer

Author, Cris Anson speaks out about her experience at BDSM Writers Con 2014

Why did you attend BDSM Writers Con?
Having been to the first BDSM for Writers Weekends (2012 and 2013) to do research for my erotic romances, I couldn’t wait to attend this expanded conference. Dr. Charley was the most informative, sensitive, helpful teacher you could want. Continuing my interest in the subject of BDSM, I couldn’t wait to sit in on all the dynamite workshops and demos she had lined up for 2014. I wasn’t disappointed.

How was your experience?
Absolutely mind-boggling. The variety of subject matter was awesome, and with each speaker I learned something new. It was a joy to reconnect with past attendees and presenters, and I came away with many new friends I could knowledgeably talk with about this wonderful, mostly misunderstood lifestyle.

What workshops did enjoy the most?
The demos and the presenters’ explanations prior to the actual demo. Watching Nauttiboy with his knife play, Traveling Fool and Mary Ann with their suitcases full of violet wand goodies, Bo Blaze and his whips and floggers, and all the others, it’s so hard to choose just one.

We heard there were items being raffled off to help raise money for NCSF.  Did you win anything?
Yes! I was so excited to hear I had won Joey W. Hill’s Vampire Basket. It included not only three of her best-selling books, but a spreader bar and so many other goodies. I would have been happy to donate to NCSF even if my ticket hadn’t been chosen.

What was your most memorable experience?
Oh, you sadist, [Dr. Charley] making me choose just one! It’s a toss-up between these:

(1) hearing the emotion in Dr. Charley’s voice when she introduced Joey W. Hill as a major  catalyst for making this conference a reality; and

(2) watching all the “baby birds” after their introductory session with the violet wand at Powder and feeling like a mama eagle when all the fledglings left the nest to soar into the heavens.

Explanation: since I’d been to prior conferences, I had already discovered the magic touch of the violet wand (see my most-read blog entry, “Getting Naked at Paddles”   from the first Con), I urged others to step out of their comfort zone and try it, assuring them I’d be nearby to hold their hands in encouragement if they needed it. *heh heh* They didn’t need it.

Would you return to BDSM Writers Con 2015?
Absolutely! I’ll be signing up as soon as I get a breather in my schedule.

Cris Anson
Author — Redemption & Glory
 Cris Anson, BDSM Writers Con, kink, fetishes, Charley Ferrer





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