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We wanted to take a moment to speak with a few participants of BDSM Writers Con 2014 to discover what they thought about their experience. Below is what author, Cara Downey had to say.

BDSM Writers Con is now over and we’d love to learn a little bit about your experience. What was the conference like?
The experience was amazing.  I learned a lot… The skills, information and tools I learned at the conference, helped me in a big way to focus.  The conference also provided me with avenues to gather information and also people that I have decided to remain in contact with.  I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the lifestyle, interested in writing about BDSM etc… to most certainly register for the conference.  It will be the best decision you will every make.Cara downey 2

Share with us a little bit about the workshops.
The workshops were intense, because they provided us with a wealth of information.  The presenters were knowledgable, honest and to the point!  One thing to understand… as writers of the genre, person(s) who live the lifestyle, fans etc… BDSM is important to us, and writing stories that are authentic, respect the genre and the lifestyle is a priority.

It seems you’re very passionate about what you’ve discovered; why?
I am passionate about BDSM, because it is important to me.  Since attending the BDSM writers con, as I previously mentioned, I have learned a lot about myself.  I can honestly say that I have grown as a writer, and I know that it will reflect in my writing.  It will not happen over night, it will take time…and I credit Dr. Charley Ferrer, for giving me the opportunity to attend. *smiles big*

BDSM Writers Con Anthology, bondage, kink, fetishes

Cara Downey is one of the authors of the First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology

Will you be attending the BDSM Writers Con next year?
Yes!!! I have already registered for next year.  I am still running off of the steam from this past BDSM writers con. Pardon the sagwag, but once I got home, I completed a novella andCara Downey a second collection of poetry.  I hope to have those two completed works published before the BDSM writers con of 2015

And her latest book, Beyond Boundaries 2 is now available. .

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