What books do you recommend?

What books would you recommend if someone is interested in gaining more knowledge about BDSM and Dominance and submission in general?

There are a few books I can recommend to get you started, I’ve listed them below. I also provide more resource books in my BDSM books. 

BDSM The Naked Truth by Dr. Charley Ferrer Great intro book for individuals new to Dominance and submission. Also has a list of other books and resources. It also provides you with a BDSM Checklist designed to help you develop scenes and establish boundaries. It also teaches you the emotional connections some individuals make giving you an insight into your play partner’s boundaries and desires. 

Slave Craft: Roadmaps for erotic servitude by “a grateful slave” with Guy BaldwinHas an insightful view of the slave’s mindset and many affirming points. It’s a must read for any Dominant (novice or experienced) as it reminds us that our slaves have many emotional as well as conscious and unconscious ties to their surrender.

Different Kind of Loving by Gloria Brame Has great insight from both the Dominant and submissives. It also had valuable information about the various aspects of D/s. The first half of the book is great. The second half gets a bit more clinical and academic as if she was writing it for her dissertation. Although it’s valuable information, it loses the flavor she started with.

Extreme Space by FRR Mallery Ok I just love this book! It’s beyond amazing. I’ve had my copy for almost 20 years and I refuse to loan it to friends. I’m pleased to say they’ve re-printed it since at one point it was very hard to find. This is an excellent book on mindset. It talks a lot about subspace and what happens there more so than Domspace yet it’s a must read for anyone serious about D/s. It may be a little advanced for a novice. I would recommend reading a few books before this one to get acquainted with the lifestyle and then move on to this one.

SM 101 by Jay Wiseman An all-time classic introduction to the world of dominance and submission. The first book I ever read and recommend to all novice; well that and my books BDSM The Naked Truth and BDSM for Writers. chuckles. The two books combined give you a well-rounded introduction of BDSM.

BDSM for Writers by Dr. Charley Ferrer A must have resource book for authors on understanding Dominance and submission. It provides the basics plus it provides you with insight into the psychology of those who seek the lifestyle. It also shows you how to train a slave; provides valuable information on Dom/sub interactions; and provides you with the various ways to play with men vs women. Plus it has a BDSM Checklist created especially for authors to help them create realistic characters and scenes.  

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