Bad Guys/Good Stories: the psychology of writing great villains

Matthew Scrivens


Your story is only as good as your villain!

For a well-balanced plot, the villain and hero/heroine should be relatively evenly matched. If not, your protagonist will have little at risk; and thus the reader won’t be invested in the journey.


In this workshop, we will:

*  explore the different types of villains, including serial killers

*  discuss ways to understand and conceptualize the criminal mind

*  develop some easy tools to increase the believability and effectiveness of your villain

Make your Hero/Heroine work for their victory with a great villain. I’ll show you how!

Note: You do not have to be an author to attend this workshop. As with all workshops at BDSM Writers Con, every participant is welcomed.

Presenters: Dr. Matthew Scrivens & Chris Alexander


Dr. Matthew Scrivens discovered the true strength and resilience of the human heart when he provided therapy to murderers, molesters, and rapists in hopes that helping the perpetrators of such crimes might result in fewer victims. Having journeyed the black night of the soul innumerable times with many troubled clients, Dr. Scrivens has developed a familiarity and understanding of the dark side of human psychology. Using what he has learned and experienced, Dr. Scrivens has presented his knowledge as a guest blogger and conference speaker. His best-selling gay erotic thriller Sole Survivor was published in 2012.


Chris Alexander has been in law enforcement and criminal investigations for 20 years. Specializing in interrogation, he has mastered the balance of empathy and tyranny, of intimidation and persuasion, to elicit statements and confessions.  Facing off with violent criminal minds has given Chris a rare window into their psychology, which has been instrumental in his evolution as an author of two novels and numerous screenplays.

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