Authors Buddy Program

Authors Helping Authors!

Novice and aspiring authors will be connected with a veteran authors to help them navigate through the stumbling blocks of publishing. This includes assistance with writing a query letter, publisher information, marketing ideas, and more.

The limits and boundaries of our Authors Buddy Program are decided by its participants. It’s our hope that you’ll each share in a loving respectful manner and build a relationships that will last and flourish.

The Authors Buddy Program is absolutely FREE.

Only authors registered for BDSM Writers Con are eligible.

We will be hosting a special Meet & Greet for the Author Buddy Program, Wednesday August 19 at 5:30 pm Р7:00 p.m. 

Authors Helping Authors!

One more benefit of BDSM Writers Con.

If you’re already registered for the conference and would like to sign up for this program, send us an email. It’s that simple.

Look forward to meeting you all August 2015 in New York City.




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