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BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2016
This year’s BDSM Writers Con anthology will capture your imagination as our featured authors whip up tales of romance with a kinky erotic twist. Step into Jean Johnson’s paranormal world where spankings and erotic pleasure are explored on a totally new dimension. And Jillian Verne’s erotic story about a shocking encounter with a violet wand will not only have you holding your breath, it’ll have you begging for more. Each year we bring you the best BDSM erotica from the deliciously wicked minds of our featured authors. Our stories range from BDSM light to Advanced and push you toward the edge with a little Dark Erotica—if you dare to read that far. Discover it all for yourself!

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BWC Anthology 2015
BDSM Writers Con 2015

How do you take your BDSM? Light and naughty or with bolder twists and turns that will take a bite and leave you wanting more? Do your tastes run along the razor’s edges demanding a lover surrender all?

Roz Lee starts this year’s BDSM Writers Con Anthology with a light D/s story about justice in Sentenced and Kestra Gravier reveals a few behaviors Not Safe for Work. Arlee Scott makes her writing debut by sharing a naughty power exchange in The Birthday Present while Elizabeth SaFleur shows how there’s more to submission than merely surrendering in White Jeans.

Just like steam rises so does the level of our D/s as Cris Anson starts pushing the boundaries in it Takes two to Tango and Becca Jameson demands Blind Trust from her submissive. Gray Dixon proves that a little exhibitionism can open many doors in Scene and be Seen; while Rhiannon Ayers reveals what is meant when a Dominant declares, The Pleasure is ALL Mine!

And if you dare walk the razor’s edge, Alaska Angelini will remind you to be careful what you wish for in her hard hitting BDSM dark erotica, Rush.

Original stories by this year’s Featured Authors and Golden Flogger Award nominees:
Roz Lee, Cris Anson, Kestra Gravier, Arlee Scott, Rhiannon Ayer, Elizabeth SaFleur, Gray Dixon, Becca Jameson and Alaska Angelini.   (Books available August 20, 2015.)

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BDSM Writers Con Anthology, BDSM romance, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Laura Antoniou, Riverdale Ave Books
The First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology has been created and is being published by Riverdale Avenue Books. There are twenty-one authors participating in this amazing anthology providing you a little taste of the erotic, the naughty, and the decadent. With well-known authors such as Laura Antoniou, Gray Dixon, and Roz Lee, just to name a few. Four authors in the anthology are making their writing debut: Helena Stone, Leya Wolfgang, Jessica Lust, and Mia Koutras. Plus, Cara Downey provides heartfelt poetry with a decadent twist. And Dr. Charley Ferrer offers some insight into the psychological and emotional connections individuals make in this highly erotic lifestyle. No where else can you find this many amazing authors in one book!



 June 18, 2015


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