Newsletter September 17, 2017

Hey there Gorgeous,

If you’re considering joining us for next year’s BDSM Writers Con, either in Washington State or New York City, and haven’t yet made up your mind, let me share with you a few reasons why BDSM Writers Con is a must attend conference.

In taking a look back at this year’s BDSM Writers Con, the thing I loved most about this year’s conference was our “Taste of Dominance”. I was thrilled to see so many participants learning how to throw a whip with our fabulous BDSM Expert Instructor, Ramon and all the participants who were suspended by Master Vito in their first taste of bondage suspension. I remember looking at one corner early in the night and seeing a few ladies “holding up the wall” like at a teen dance. Yet in no time, they had slowly made their way over to the various “Taste” stations and were learning and exploring new techniques; even knife play with our fabulous instructors, Naughttiboy; not to mention the BDSM skills shared by Sir Guy and Bo Blaze & his family.  Plus, our very own “virgin” as she called herself in her keynote speech, Lynda Aicher discovered how to throw a whip and is well on her way to becoming an expert at Florentine Flogging. (With two Golden Flogger Awards under her belt, she’s well on her way to being an expert.) To top it all, what I found most heartwarming was the camaraderie that build between our participants, as one participant gave the whip she’d won in the raffle (made by expert whip maker, Victor Tella) to another participant because she knew how much this young Domme loved whips. That alone speaks volumes about the nature of our participants and the community we are building at BDSM Writers Con. I’m so proud to host this conference!

If you’re an author, you’ll thrill at the fact that you’ll be able to experience many aspects of the lifestyle which you can add to your writing to create fantastic characters and scenes your readers will love. As a reader, this is a warm welcoming environment that you can feel safe exploring with a friend or loved one to discover the truths about this lifestyle and get a little hands-on experience of what you read about.

BDSM Writers Con is a fabulous experience to share with friends and fans; however, you’ll have just as much fun coming alone and making friends with like-minded authors and readers. As you can see, our participants are welcoming and friendly. Plus, you’re always welcome to join Dr. Charley for lunch and evening events. We also invite you to come early and join us for our Pre-Conference Mix & Mingle the Wednesday evening before the conference where authors and readers get to mix-it-up in a ‘Munch” atmosphere. Definitely an event you won’t want to miss. This fun Pre-Con Mixer was started by author, Cris Anson back in 2012 and it’s become a favorite additional for everyone arriving early.

A quick note about the Washington Conference: our host holiday in Everett was sold and the new owners are no longer accepting BDSM related conferences. We are looking at new locations in Seattle and Renton to host our conference. Once we have the information about the hotel, we’ll let you know. Not to worry, the conference will be fabulous regardless of what hotel we’re at. Also, this will be our last conference in Washington for a little while as I continue to recover; therefore, if you’re thinking about joining us on the west coast, don’t let 2018 pass you by and register today.

As for New York City’s conference, by popular demand, we will return to the TRYP Hotel. Once your register for NYC let me know if you’re staying at the hotel. Staying with us at our host hotel allows us to receive better rates and more amenities, like free Wi-Fi and a complimentary mini-frig in your room. Plus, for 2018, if we have enough participants arriving early (10 minimum), I’m thinking of hosting a complimentary Sight-Seeing Tour of all the most amazing sites I love in NYC on Wednesday morning thru afternoon of August 15. If you’re interested, in this possibility, please let me know.

Stay tuned for more updates and information about BDSM Writers Con, the ONLY conference in the world dedicated to authors and readers of dominance and submission. A huge thanks to all our wonderful BDSM instructors for all they did to help provide our participants with a one-of-a-kind conference experience and an insight into the lifestyle.

And once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all our Golden Flogger Award winners for 2017. Next year’s Golden Flogger Award nominations for best BDSM books published in 2017 is now open. Be sure to submit your nomination for your favorite BDSM author.

Look forward to seeing you at BDSM Writers Con 2018.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
Host & Founder
BDSM Writers Con

Featured Authors Washington 2018:  Roni Loren, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Rose C. Carole, Lilith Darville, Marie Tuhart


Featured Authors New York City 2018:  Cris Anson, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Rose C. Carole, Del Carmen

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