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Check out what people, newspapers, and magazines are saying about BDSM WRITERS CON and why you should join us for this amazing one-of-a-kind event where writers and readers learn, play and explore dominance and submission together.

2018 Interviews

My Experience at The BDSM Writers Con

February 16, 2018
What ‘Fifty Shades’ Gets Right & Wrong, According to an Expert

February 2018
New York City’s, The Post conducted an interview on the importance of Safewords with
Dr. Charley Ferrer


In 2017, we were In-The-News several times; unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to input the info. Sorry about that. 

August 31, 2016       Author Layla Dorine speaks out on her BWC experience

August 23, 2016       Author, MQ Barber speaks out about BDSM Writers Con NYC 2016

July 22, 2016          The Art of Writing Erotic Romance with Tifany Reisz

May 20, 2016          Anna Marie

April  8, 2016          Naughty Book Snitch

April 7, 2016           Naughty Ladies Publication

January 1, 2016     Library Journal

December 30, 2015  K.L. Silver

November 6, 2015  ETO Magazine

October 1, 2015   Library Journal

September 11, 2015   Lise Kim Horton speaks out

September 9, 2015    The better to dominant you my dear!

September 7, 2015    Syncopated Rhythm: The dance of Dom and sub

September 6, 2015    The Devil’s in the Kinky Details

September 5, 2015    Kinky writers talk writing and kink. It’s what we do!

September 4, 2015    How is BDSM like writing?

September 3, 2015   2015 BDSM Writers Con

September 1, 2015  Lise Kim Horton starts talking about BDSM Writers Con…wow!

August 29, 2015        Cris Anson’s Passion

August  28, 2015      Naught Book Snitch

August 25, 2015 Christie Adams

Affair de Coeur  —  Golden Flogger Award Finalists

The Columbia Journalist  —  Interview with Dr. Charley Ferrer and  Rachel Raudenbush

The Health Site      —        BDSM Basics for the kinky couple 

THE GUARDIAN    Interview by Kim Wall for the international media

Paige Matthews

Paige Matthews



Wicked Wednesdays — What’s your kink? 




Elizabeth SaFleur 4


Fantasy Versus Reality in BDSM Fiction. An interview between
Elizabeth SaFleur and Dr. Charley Ferrer



Kathy Kulig

Did 50 Shades of Grey choose the wrong actor?
Interview with Kathy Kulig, erotic BDSM author


Interview with Dr. Charley Ferrer & author, Silk Jones






Mary’s Menage Reviews joins in the fight against derogatory comments by Christian Grey actor Jaime Dornan




Golden Flogger Award Nominee transparent

Author, Jolynn Raymond speaks out about her book’s nomination for the Golden Flogger Award





ASMSG Romance Erotica Ezine
The best of Indie fiction, articles, reviews, giveaways and freebies.



BDSM Writers Con, C.P. Mandara, kinky romance, BDSM education

Interview between C.P. Mandara and Dr. Charley Ferrer, CEO & Founder of BDSM Writers Con



 Cara Downy, Author Interviews, BDSM Writers Con
An interview with Cara Downey by website “Authors Interviews”



Mary’s Menage Blog speaks out about books marketed as BDSM that aren’t


Lise Horton

Check out what author Lise Horton had to say about her experience at BDSM Writers Con



Library Journal  a review of BDSM Writers Con 2014 by Ashleigh Williams Editorial Assistant, School Library Journal

Leather Journal
takes a moment to discuss BDSM Writers Con 2015 and share it with their members.

Cecilia Tan, our Keynote Speaker for 2015 speaks out about her upcoming participation at BDSM Writers Con
Check out what Cris Anson has to say about BDSM Writers Con 2014 



Carrie Anne WCarrie Anne Ward, Kink, BDSM Writers Con, NYCard talks about BDSM Writers Con and New York City.

BDSM Writers Con, Bondage, violet wands, electric play, fetishes, BDSM romanceJoin author Elizabeth SaFleur as she discusses her experience at BDSM Writers Con 2014


Romance Beat, BDSM Writers Con, bondage, fetishes, BDSM anthology

Romance Beat talks about BDSM Writers Con & the contest winners!



Captured Nick-1 (2)

Bo Blaze, Alternative Lifestyles Coach and author of 50 Shades of Curious talk about teaching at BDSM Writers Con and invites you all to join him.




Dr. Charley interviewed by Ande Lyons on Loving & Lasting Radio about BDSM Writers Con and her work. Download the show here: Blog Talk Radio, Bring Back Desire, Stitcher (mobile app), and on iTunes.


rtbookreviewsRomantic Times Book Reviews is talking about BDSM Writers Con. Discover what they had to say



cassandra with bathbrush

March 31, 2014
Cassandra Park speaks out about Spanking and her participation in BDSM Writers Con




Cris Ansons, BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer, bondage, kink, fetishes, bdsm romance
March 27, 2014
Author, Cris Anson speaks out about attending and teaching during BDSM Writers Con August 21-24, 2014



Silken Sheets & Seduction


February 18, 2014
Interview with Sorcha Mowbray


cassandra with bathbrush


February 9, 2014
Cassandra Park discusses BDSM Writers Con and her participation



January 25, 2014
Kathy Kulig does it again, talking with Bustle Magazine about BDSM Writers Con and her experience during last year’s conference (known as BDSM for Writers 3-Day Intensive).




The Dr. Oz Show

December 11, 2013  Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Oz takes Doctor Charley through a guided meditation. Doctor Charley becomes one of his “Rocketts” dancing on the show with Dr. Oz discussing need to exercise for better health. Airs January 16, 2014


Scarlet Hawthorne
December 9, 2013  Colette Saucier
Discussing sex, BDSM and all things naughty with a LIVE CHAT on Thursday Dec 12. Read Dr. Charley Ferrer’s responses to readers questions on various topics. Here’s the recording of the LIVE CHAT.



November 29, 2013  Mary’s Ménage Whispers
Why do women think they’re submissive after reading a romance novel? What’s the true meaning of a BDSM romance? Are authors using BDSM correctly? These and more questions are answered on Mary’s blog.


Cris Anson


November 25, 2013 Cris Anson
Author Cris Anson talks candidly about her experience and appreciation of Dr. Charley Ferrer and the education she provides authors on BDSM.



November 27, 2013 A.C. James
Interview with author, A.C. James on BDSM Writers Con and learning about the world of Dominance and submission.
USA TODAY       November 14, 2013   USA Today
Author Kathy Kulig is interviewed by USA Today and mentions the education she’s received from Dr. Charley’s BDSM 3-day Intensive and next year’s BDSM Writers Con.

Axis TV Club         October 13, 2013
Axis TV Club mentions BDSM Writers Con but…this article has nothing to do with us. Maybe they’ll contact us for a real interview

October 8, 2013 A.C. James

Author A.C. James talks about BDSM romance, lher experiences, her participation in BDSM Writers Con 2014 and invites readers and fellow others to join her and attend her workshops during the event.

September 29, 2013   Gray Dixon
Author Gray Dixon invites fans and fellow authors to join us for BDSM Writers Con 2014

September 2, 2013   Kathy Kulig
Author Kathy Kulig shares her experience on Dr. Charley Ferrer’s BDSM 3-Days Intensive Workshop the predecessor of BDSM Writers Con.

September 2, 2013   Trillium
Author Trillium discusses Dr. Charley Ferrer’s passion and work over the years.

August 29, 2013  Goodreads, Laci Paige
Author Laci Paige provides info on BDSM Writers Con 2014

August 31, 2013  Sex in Words
Journalist Jon Pressick gives a shout out to Dr. Charley Ferrer and BDSM Writers Con

August 28, 2013  Cris Anson
Author Cris Anson discusses her experiences and how much more she’s learned this second time around. Next year, she will be presenting at BDSM Writers Con in New York City, August 21-24, 2014

August 28, 2013    Lise Horton
Author Lisa Horton discusses in detail her experience at Dr. Charley Ferrer’s BDSM 3-Days Writers Intensive–the predecessor of BDSM Writers Con.

August 23, 2013   Miranda Baker
Author Miranda Baker discusses her upcoming participation as a featured author and presenter at BDSM Writers Con


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