Author Coaching Year Long Program

Experience an unprecedented and productive year of Author Coaching with BDSM Expert Educator, Dr. Charley Ferrer.

This remarkable experience will take into consideration all the services we offer including:

  • Author Coaching – weekly
  • BDSM Story Development
  • BDSM Story Editing – for BDSM, psychological & sexual content
  • Website Creation or Re-branding
  • Website Evaluation & review
  • Website & WordPress Tutoring Sessions
  • Marketing
  • Social Media — must haves
  • Unlimited emails
  • Continuing education on BDSM dynamics
  • One FREE basic admission to BDSM Writers Con (choice which city)
  • Discover promotion and branding techniques
  • Discover FREE ways to market yourself on social media
  • Discover how to develop a street team
  • Understand why auto-responder campaigns are important and will help you connect with fans
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem as a writer
  • Find the most cost effective way to self-publish your book
  • Discover ways to increase sells before your book is even on the market

Not only will you discover how to promote yourself, your books, and your upcoming events, you’ll be able to  ascertain what practices are necessary for success and determine a plethora of ways to enhance your overall self-esteem and dedication to your writing.

Writing the novel of your choose from start to finish and having it published and in print within the year or sooner is not just a pipe-dream, IT IS a possibility given your dedication and follow-through. You may even self-publish more than once within the year. It’s up to you.There’s no limit to your success!

Sure you can go to a Vanity Press and sit back while they prepare your book-–the finished product that is—however they will not provide you with all the valuable information you will learn about marketing yourself and publishing. Nor will a mainstream publisher teach you how to market yourself or help you improve your BDSM content so it’s accurate and credible. Editors and publishing companies expect you to already know this. Then there is always you going at it alone. However, as with many DIY projects, you may find yourself floundering and soon find yourself overwhelmed and unmotivated losing sight of your goals and your dream of publishing your first or subsequent books—even the series you’ve secretly wished for.

All the services, training, Author Coaching and weekly connections to keep you focused, motivated and on-track in this 1-Year Author Coaching Program would cost more than $5,065 when purchased separately. However if you are motivated and willing to follow through and are dedicated to establishing or enhancing your writing career, Dr. Charley Ferrer will ensure to provide you with as much education in the marketing and publishing world as well as connect you with additional resources and share the tricks and connections she uses for her own success and that of helping authors become published. You receive all this and more for the incredible discount of only $3,500 investment. Imagine having your own personal Author’s Coach. With unlimited emails and weekly calls to ensure your success, what more can you ask for? Best of all, there are several financing options available!

Pay in full Payment Plan
$500 down/$500 monthly

Additional financing options available!
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