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Have you ever read a book and wondered, “What was the author thinking?” The characters weren’t realistic, the scenes were poorly constructed, and the D/s was non-existent or the character’s switched roles in the middle of the story.

These are just a few of the errors many authors make when writing BDSM especially if the author is not completely familiar with the D/s lifestyle and has limited or no knowledge of all the intricacies and nuances associated with power exchange relationships. Though you do not need to life the lifestyle to write good BDSM (since your novel is fictional), you are however writing about a REAL lifestyle and sexual identity. If you want fans to return for more books, you do need to portray your BDSM realistically. Not to mention the erotica and love scenes including sexual positions need to be believable.

Let us help you publish the novel which may someday become a USA Today or NY Times bestseller! A story that will have fans returning for more. Don’t be surprised if they’ll want to tie you to your chair to have you write faster and create another story for them!

Dr. Charley Ferrer has been teaching, researching, and personally exploring the BDSM lifestyle for over two decades. She is a world renowned Clinical Sexologist, BDSM Expert Educator and award winning author. Doctor Charley will review your novel and provide a detailed notes on where you can improve the character’s, the psychology and emotional connections, as well as how to enhance your D/s scenes to make them more sensual, and more importantly, accurate and realistic. Plus she’ll provide you with various tidbits on how to  improve your novel so it doesn’t mimic the overplayed themes and erroneous cliches.

The review is based solely on BDSM content and psychological connections made. Up to four-hours of editing service will be provided per story. If your story needs more time, additional services will be recommended. Note, this is NOT line editting. This is content based. 

If you are writing BDSM Dark Erotica, Doctor Charley will be able to provide you information on any corrections needed to ensure your edge play is portrayed well and provide you with a few tidbits if necessary to enhance the scene or make it “PC friendly” without taking away the raw edge, if you want to reach a larger market.

You can also obtain assistance in developing your story plot, BDSM scenes, or discuss your novel for any inconsistencies and realism/accuracy with Dr. Charley Ferrer before or during anytime in your story’s development. Having a telephone consultation will ensure you’re on-track and Dr. Charley will assist you in enhancing your ideas. If you’re stuck or not sure if the story you’re considering will work, Dr. Charley can also assist by providing feedback and possible ideas to kick your muse into full gear.

Additional reviews or services can be obtain as and when necessary. Select the editing service which works best for you or contact us with questions.

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Thank you for your consideration of our services.  We wish you tremendous success!