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Now accepting submissions

The intent of BDSM Writers Con is to help expand knowledge of what BDSM is for writers AND readers. We seek books which portray a credible and positive outlook of Dominance and submission and the individuals who embrace this highly diverse lifestyle.

BDSM books must have an original publication date of 2020/2021 and be at least 15,000 words or more to qualify for nomination. It goes without saying that the book MUST have a D/s story line to qualify for nomination. No previously published nor revised books accepted.

There will be an entry fee of $25 per book. You may enter as many of an author’s BDSM books as you wish, in any category listed below. Books must have been published in 2020/2021. Place your nomination here.

Type of books accepted:
Books can vary in their D/s intensity from BDSM Light, BDSM Advanced to Dark Erotica. Non-fiction books can be personal accounts, journals, how-to, or informational. BDSM books in any genre.

Capture & kidnapped fantasies or novels which begin a relationship with a non-consensual act, regardless of whether or not submission is ultimately given or the couple falls in love later, are NOT considered consensual Dominance and submission-as the relationship did not begin with a consensual act–and will therefore be placed in the BDSM Dark Erotica category.

The Golden Flogger Award is broken down into the following ten categories:

*BDSM Light
*BDSM Spicy
*BDSM Dark Erotica
*BDSM Anthology
*Paranormal, Futuristic & Fantasy
*Dominant women & submissive men

Definition of BDSM Light, BDSM Spicy & BDSM Dark Erotica:
BDSM Light
These books are typically BDSM 101 books where the D/s is light and the focus is more about spicing up the relationship as opposed to being the core foundation of one. Characters may have already embraced dominance and submission, however, the emphasis is more on the psychology of the interactions and lighter, more comfortable scenarios. No edginess to it.

BDSM Spicy
Formally known as BDSM Advanced, these books start with the premise that both characters know their D/s orientation and the relationship proceeds within a BDSM context. The D/s scenes are more intense and even edgier and deal with more advance levels of BDSM and sadomasochism. These books may involve strong psychological and physical play, and characters may dabble in the consensual non-consensuality arena because the relationship is advanced enough to withstand this type of play.

BDSM Dark Erotica
These books follow along the path of BDSM Romance Advanced; however, a happy ending or romantic relationship is less important as the focus is on the power exchange itself, and how it manifests itself. These are books where the submissive chooses to enter into a slave contract for growth or desire. These books tend to have more edge play or extreme scenes and consensual non-consensuality scenes are common. The emphasis here is sometimes more on the sadomasochism play/interactions and not on having a romantic relationship or happily ever after, though love can develop afterward. This category also includes non-consensual BDSM activities which can include capture and kidnapping and/or force compliance.

Entry Fee:  $25 per book.
Enter as many books as you wish

Who can nominate a book:
Authors, publishers and fans are encouraged to nominate their favorite author’s book for the Golden Flogger Award. There is no limit to the categories in which an author can be nominated nor the awards they can receive. (Note: only one book for a specific author per email address accepted thus make sure to select your favorite book for each author. Yes, you may select another book of an author already nominated.) Please keep in mind that the Golden Flogger Award is NOT a popularity contest, we seek only the best BDSM books for any author.

Opening & Closing deadline:
Nominations will be accepted until August 1, 2021.

Finalists will be announced by August 31, 2021.

Winners will be revealed during the September 3, 2021.  

Note to authors & publishers: You must submit a review copy of the book nominated in PDF or Kindle format to be considered. Email to with subject title: Golden Flogger Award Nomination. PDF’s can be watermarked. Copies used solely by award judges. Questions please feel free to email us.

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March 15, 2021.