May 11, 2014

Hi everyone,

Happy Mother’s Day to all for those that are mom’s and those that have them.

This past week, I invited everyone that was registered for the conference to our PRIVATE – SECRET GROUP on Facebook. You should have received your invitation already. I actually sent it twice since I screwed up the first time. Sorry about that; still not technie savvy. smiles. I’m not sure if you have to “friend me” first to connect to the group or if you can just ask to join. My FB link is

We have 100 signed up for the conference. We are limited to three hundred participants so feel free to invite your friends, favorite authors, and fans to BDSM Writers Con. It will be a conference unlike any other. Not only will your curiosity of Dominance and submission be appeased, you’ll also have hours of fun with follow participants, both authors and readers alike.

BDSM Writers Con, my ladys toys, Doctor Charley Ferrer, bdsm toys, kink, fetishesOur special surprise this week is My Lady’s Toys.
We figured instead of having you waste valuable time by going out to the stores to check out and purchase corsets or D/s toys, we’d bring the store to you. Yep, right in the hotel. The sensually wicked Lady Sabrina, owner of My Lady’s Toys, has graciously agreed to bring her store to BDSM Writers Con. Her store is full of corsets, playtime attire, and many of those fabulously naughty Floggers, paddles and Whips you’ll have hours of fun using, or having them used on you. (Insert wicked evil grin here!) Even better, My Lady’s Toys’ items are very reasonable priced compared to local stores and of very good quality. My Lady’s Toys will be open daily throughout the conference from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm so you’ll have plenty of time to shop and still enjoy time out in the city checking out the sights.

In honor of BDSM Writers Con, My Lady’s Toys is offering 50% off on selected merchandise.

Books by our Featured Authors
If you haven’t done so already, check out the wonderful books by our Featured Authors.
We’ll also have a conference bookstore where you can obtain books from your favorite authors or find new ones. Discover them here…

Coming early?
As we mentioned last week, Featured Author, Marla Monroe, has graciously volunteered to spearhead some outings for those coming to NYC August 19 & 20. Nothing major, just getting together to go out sightseeing and enjoying the city. Make sure you contact her or join our Secret Group and share your ideas.

Hotel: You must book your room for the hotel before June 1st to lock in the savings. Please ensure to call the Roosevelt Hotel’s 24/hour reservation hotline at 888-833-3969 to reserve your room. There’s no money to put down and you can adjust your arrival or departure dates without penalties.

Any questions, please contact us.

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