Newsletter May 5, 2014

Hi everyone,

As you get ready for the Cinco de Mayo (May 5) celebration, I wanted to take a moment and share a few updates for BDSM Writers Con for this week. It seems the closer we get to the conference; the more great things come up. Yahoo!

New Featured Authors:
Lise Horton
Susan Taylor

We were going to speak about My Lady’s Toys (our conference vendor) this week, however, we’ve had a little technical difficulty with some pictures they wanted to share with you so instead we’ll surprise you with them next week. Not to worry, we have more fabulous news for you from our very own Featured Author, Marla Monroe:

Coming early?
You’re won’t be alone! Our fabulous Featured Author, Marla Monroe, has graciously volunteered to spearhead some outings for those coming to NYC August 19 & 20. Nothing major, just getting together to go out sightseeing and enjoying the city together for those that haven’t been to NYC before or those that just want to pal around with others attending BDSM Writers Con. Please join our private FB group below to discuss possibilities. 

Below, I’ve also added a few tidbits on fun things to see and do while in the Big Apple.

Oh the places you’ll go and things you’ll see:
Here’s a little tidbit for you. Just five blocks in either direction of the hotel there are NYC landmarks. Some include St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Time Square, the Statue of Venus di Milo at the Hilton (President Obama as just there a few weeks ago), and much more. And just a quick bus or cab ride down Broadway will take you to the famous Wall Street Bull where you can take pictures or walk to the other side of the small street park behind the Bull and you’ll see my favorite statue; one of four gracing the entrance of the Smithsonian Indian Museum (what was originally the old Customs Building.) Hint: my favorite statue is the one all the way to the right. If you take a picture of it for me, you’ll get a special prize. smiles.

To the right of the statues is Battery Park and across the water is the Statue of Liberty. Here’s an insider’s tip of NYC. You can actually take the Staten Island Ferry (which is free) and you’ll pass in front of the Statue of Liberty. Great picture taking opportunities! And of course, share a hug or a kiss as you pass her by. It’s tradition! Well, ok, it’s my tradition, but it’s still a great excuse for a hug or a kiss. If you want a more formal introduction to the Statue of Liberty and to land on her shores, there’s the Circle Liner and the Statue of Liberty excursion which runs anywhere from $25 to $55.

Imagine what you’ll discover when you get here. You should stay an extra day or come early and have a mini-vacation and explore more of NYC. Take in a Broadway show. Or better yet, an OFF Broadway shows—they’re really fantastic. Or go to the Met or one of our famous museums. You can contact the hotel and they can provide you with info on all the cool things to do.

Remember, if you’re coming early, we’re having an “Unofficial/Informal” get together Wednesday night, August 20 at approximately 7:00 pm for drinks and food. To join us, just send me an email that you’re interested and I’ll send you all the details as we get closer to BDSM Writers Con.

Hotel: You must book your room for the hotel before June 1st to lock in the savings. Please ensure to contact the Roosevelt Hotel at 888-833-3969 to reserve your room. There’s no money to put down and you can adjust your arrival/departure dates without penalties.

PS: Keep an eye out on our website for the minions. They’ll be making an appearance this week. Tell us what you think and earn a price.

Any questions, please contact us.

Live with passion,

Doctor Charley….

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