BDSM Writers Con Newsletter June 9, 2014

Hi everyone,

We have some great updates for you this week. I’ve listed them below for easy reference.

New Featured Authors:
Check out our new Featured Author Cherie Noel

Private—Secret Facebook Group for participants
We created a private Facebook group for participants only! The group is SECRET so no one outside the group can see our members. I previously invited all registered participants. You should have received your invitation already. If not, simply “friend me” on Facebook so I can add you to our group. There you can talk to authors, share with participants, and make plans for outings while in NYC.

New Sponsors
I’m pleased to announce the sponsors for our Author Buddy Program are Marla Monroe and
Dr. Matthew Scrivens.

Badge names
Only authors will have their full pen names on their conference badges. Everyone else will have only their first name on their badges.

Conference Book Store
We will have a conference book store where you can purchase books from your favorite authors and discover new ones. Conference bookstore will be opened daily. Feel free to purchase your book and go up to the author and have them sign it. During our Mix & Mingle on Thursday is a great time to do this. Or you can wait till Sunday for our big Book Fair & Book reading event.

Take a moment and reserve your hotel room today! No money down. We want to ensure everyone gets the hotel discounted rate. Reservation line opened 24/7: 888-833-3969

Swag & Advertising
We’re collecting swag for our participants. If you’d like to contribute any swag or take out an ad in our conference brochure, please contact us.

BDSM Book Contest
Our book contest is now closed. We will announce our Finalists in our next update.

Coming Early
Connect with author, Marla Monroe if you’re coming to New York City a few days before the conference. Marla is spearheading a fun excursion of NYC on August 20. And don’t forget, if you’d like to join us for a Pre-Conference drinks & dinner, let us know. We’ll be meeting in the hotel lobby at 7:00 p.m, Wednesday, August 20. You’re welcome to join us at the last minute; however, we’d appreciate it if please let us know before time so we can give the restaurant a headcount. This will help them accommodate us; which equates to having faster service.

Spread the Word
Remember to help us spread the word about BDSM Writers Con. Tell your friends, your fans, and the world about us. Let them know about our discount coupon FANS to receive $50 off registration. Good thru June 30. A great Father’s Day gift for anyone!

New Website
We wanted to help promote BDSM authors and their books so we created a new website where you can discover BDSM authors and purchase their books. Our new website is called BDSM WRITERS. (chuckles…what else would we call it.) Please help us spread the word by inviting your friends and favorite BDSM authors to the site. All D/s authors receive a free page to advertise themselves. Get more info here.

Only 72-days to go before the conference. YAHOO! I look forward to meeting you all then.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

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