Newsletter Updates — February 7, 2014

Hello my lovelies,

Every week we get closer to BDSM WRITERS CON makes me more excited. The conference is turning into an amazing event and we have some spectacular workshops, LIVE Demos and Author/Reader Mix and Mingles planned for you.

I want to share a few updates with you that I’m sure you’ll love.

New Featured Authors
We have four new Featured Authors who just joined us. They’ll be available for you throughout the conference to speak with, take pictures with, and to sign books. If you don’t know them yet, you will. They may just become one of your favorite authors.

Eden Bradley
Marla Monroe
Laci Page
Leya Wolfgang

We’ll be adding information about them shortly, if we haven’t already. Visit our webpage to discover more about them and our other Featured Authors.

New Workshops
Sensual Steel:
Ian -- Nautti BoyI’m thrilled to share our new workshop and LIVE DEMO Sensual Steel conducted by  Nauttiboy. One look at his picture, and you know why I call him my GORGEOUS PIRATE.

Nauttiboy is breathtaking with knifes and his lectures are always fascinating and erotically sensual. The way he makes your flesh sing with knifes will make every Dominant grin as they come up with ideas to incorporate a few moves into their play and every submissive long to be lying on his table being his demo bottom even though what Nauttiboy does makes their knees quake.

Kinky Confessional:
Our playful authors Eden Bradly, Joey W. Hill, Miranda Baker and Robin L. Rotham have teamed up to bring you a thrilling workshop filled with erotic temptation. YOU secretly share your deliciously wicked fantasies and….well, you’ll just have to discover it for yourself. Plus, they’re giving away some amazing prizes.

Authors Buddy Program
A special bonus for authors—especially novice and aspiring ones—thanks to Destiny Blaine for the idea:  Novice and aspiring authors can request to be paired up with veteran authors to help them navigate through some of the stumbling blocks of publishing. Only authors who register between now and March 17, St. Patrick’s Day (hey we had to celebrate it somehow) are be eligible. To participate, send me an email. If you are already registered, send us an email to sign-up for this program. For more information, visit our webpage.

As always, please ensure to spread the word about BDSM WRITERS CON. Tell a friend, tell a strange. Post our flyers on your website. Sign up for our affiliate program and earn some spending cash.

If you wish to help in our efforts to educate authors and readers, become one of our sponsors for as little as $500. Contact us for details. Sponsors enjoy a special Wednesday Night reception.

And finally, join us for our LIVE CHAT where we interview our Featured Authors on love, life, and relationships. Plus, we address fans questions, emails, and comments. Listen to world renowned Clinical Sexologist and America’s BDSM Expert, Dr. Charley Ferrer for an amazingly candid no-holds barred LIVE CHAT where nothing is considered taboo to speak about. You can also listen to past interviews.




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