Attending Authors

Discover if your favorite author is attending

Below is a list of authors who will be attending BDSM WRITERS CON 2014. FEATURED AUTHORS are highlighted in blue and will have their books available for sale during the conference.

Cris Anson

Laura Antoniou

Susan Arden

Miranda Baker

Sorcha Black

Bo Blaze

Tessie Bradford

Janice K.

Jenny Cepeda

Carolyn J. Coles

Gray Dixon

Cara Downey

Dr. Charley Ferrer

Kestra Gravier

Eileen Green

Scarlet Hawthorne

Joey W. Hill

Lydia Hill

Lise Horton

Debra Hyde

Janice K.

Jennifer Kacey

Mia Koutras

Last update: July 23, 2014