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We have some great updates for you this week beginning with the announcement of our BDSM Book Contest Finalists.

Our Contest Committee has selected the best BDSM stories from all our entries and we’ve send the manuscripts on to our Contest Publishers. Join us in giving a big round of applause to our Finalists. And join us August 21 when we discover who among them will receive the Book Contracts from one of our three publishers, Totally Bound, Decadent Publishing, and The Wild Rose Press.

Helena Stone — Little Rainbows

Kestra Gravier — Silver chasing

Corrine A. Silver – Wreck Me

Mia Koutras – Fetish

Leya Wolfgang – My Other half

Jessica Lust – Daddy’s Little Girl

Be sure to join us August 21 during our Conference Cocktail Party when we discover who among them will receive a Book Contract from one of our three publishers, Totally Bound, Decadent Publishing, and The Wild Rose Press.


New Website:  BDSM Writers
We have created a website for authors and readers of BDSM novels. Authors receive a FREE page to advertise their books and D/s related events. Readers have a place where they can easily discover authors writing in the BDSM genre whether it’s BDSM romance, suspense, paranormal, or non-fiction. It’s a new website and we hope to have more authors and information available as the days pass. Please help us spread the word and let your friends and favorite authors know about BDSM Writers.

A few friendly reminders:

Take a moment and reserve your hotel room today! No money down. We want to ensure everyone gets the hotel discounted rate. Reservation line opened 24/7: 888-833-3969

Coming Early
Connect with author, Marla Monroe if you’re coming to New York City a few days before the conference. Marla is spearheading a fun excursion of NYC on August 20. And don’t forget, if you’d like to join us for a Pre-Conference drinks & dinner, let us know. We’ll be meeting in the hotel lobby at 7:00 p.m, Wednesday, August 20. You’re welcome to join us at the last minute; however, we’d appreciate it if please let us know before time so we can give the restaurant a headcount. This will help them accommodate us; which equates to having faster service.

Author’s Buddy Program
If you’re an author, veteran or novice, and wish to connect with other authors to help share your knowledge or attain some, please let us know. We’ll be meeting Wednesday, August 20 at 5:30pm. This is just a meet and greet. It’s our hope you’ll connect with each other and form a support group. Learn more about the Author’s Buddy Program here.

Spread the Word
Please continue to help us spread the word through your websites, social media, local papers, family and friends. We have space for another 100 participants and are hope you will help us achieve our goal. Your friends and fans will receive a $50 discount off registration. Just use the code: FANS

Only 68 days to go and counting before the conference. YAHOO! I look forward to meeting you all August 21.

Live with passion,

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