Want more info on submission.

I would like to have information on my newly discovered desire: Submission. It is all very new to me and while exciting, a bit anxious feeling.(english??) Thanks, Sarah

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the world of Dominance & submission. There’s no need to be anxious. Please feel free to take a look at our FAQ section as well as the Video section which provides a few answers to get you started. There’s also a reading and resource list available in this section.

I would further recommend attending BDSM Writers Con 2014 as we will have many workshops and demos that will help you get started in your quest.

Also, if you go to the articles section in my personal website, you will find several articles on BDSM to help increase your knowledge.

If you have more specific questions about submission, please feel free to write us again.

Live with passion,

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