Newsletter November 11, 2013

With the coming holidays we have wonderful things to look forward to: a celebration of gratitude, a reuniting of families, and a time to think about what we want most in our lives and what we’d like to share with the world in the months and years to come.

Registering for BDSM Writers Con, allows you to explore this amazing lifestyle.  As an author, you will discover valuable information which will enhance your characters making them multi-dimensional and realistic providing your readers with protagonists they will come to cherish. Readers will return for more books written by you. As a reader, you’ll be able to share the knowledge of experts in the world of Dominance and submission as you socialize with your favorite authors and discover new ones.

For those merely interested in assuaging there curiosity or dipping their toes into this lifestyle, BDSM Writers Con offers a unique experience where you are free to explore and learn in a safe stress free environment perfect for the novice and curious seekers.

With over 40-hours of workshops and events planned, we have topics for the beginner to the experienced and every one in between.

We will continue to offer an additional $50 off the early bird discount through December 1st. If you haven’t signed up already, ensure to take advantage of the discount. Use our convenient Payment Plan to lock in the savings and only $50 a month. Plus, you’ll be earned to win some of our amazing gift baskets and prizes donated by our attending authors.

This week, we have featured Dr. Charley Ferrer and her advocacy work on Dominance and submission as well as sex education throughout the world.

Plus, we are offering a FREE introductory week to the Teleseminar Group Forums where Doctor Charley talks live about topics that are important to you. We have established two groups for the Teleseminar, one for authors and one for the general public. This will allow authors to ask questions specifically geared to creating characters, personality traits, and receive feedback on the credibility of the stories and scenes they’re creating.

Stop by our FAQ & Video section for answers to commonly asked questions posed by our viewers.  Pose a few of your own or comment on the ones already available. If you wish to pose an anonymous question, send it to us directly and Doctor Charley will respond online.

We look forward to seeing you all in August.

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