Switched ON! — Living Life On Both Sides Of The Slash

Top or Bottom?  sub or Domme?  Master or slave?

Why does one have to choose?

Some of us in the BDSM community identify as Switches!

Join me as I discuss the role of the Switch within the BDSM community and how that could look in various different forms. Switches are definitely not confused, nor are we the illegitimate children of the BDSM community.

Some of the main ideas to be discussed:

  • The most common stereotypes of Switches

  • Defining different types of dynamics Top/bottom, Dom(me)/sub, Master/slave and Sadist/masochist

  • Switching within a scene or with different partners

  • Top mode vs bottom mode

  • A Walk Through A Switch’s Toy Bag

This workshop will discuss the different types of dynamics in the BDSM world and how they relate to the Switch. The differences between Top/bottom, Dom/sub, Sadist/masochist and Master/slave will be discussed. The bottom line is Switches are often told that we are greedy or confused, but the truth is there are a lot of us out there. The power exchange dynamic typically isn’t the major point of concern for Switches. Power exchange is the act of giving control to another person. Sometimes power & control is involved, but really it is about enjoying both sides of the slash freely.

The different types of relationship combinations within these dynamics– Open relationships, monogamous, poly and etc…  and how these can shape the dynamic from person to person are explored. Whether it is play or long term partnerships switching can be fluid between two people or quite separated from partner to partner.

The negative connotation that is sometimes associated with being a Switch.shall be discussed. The most common negative stereotype about switches are switches are almost always bisexual, tend to be confused and have not found the right person yet or that switches can’t be “really” submissive or “really” dominant because they can’t commit.

There will be a walk through my toy and discussion about receiving and giving of pain/sensation from some commonly found BDSM toys.

Balancing the fluidity within oneself and seeking out fulfillment in our relationship(s).

kikiPuckHaving started my BDSM journey as a submissive over 10 years ago and being a public player for three years, the fear of “coming out” Switch was real. Being able to explore both sides of the slash has opened up a lot of exciting possibilities in and out of the bedroom.

 kikiPUCK has been involved in BDSM for over a decade and out publicly for over three years. She moderates a bimonthly discussion group called Switched ON! at the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. She is an active member of The Center for Sex Positive Culture who volunteers as a host for two BDSM events monthly as well as two sex focused events. She calls herself a Sensual Sadomasochistic Service Switch. She is married to her Switch of a husband that she met in the scene.. She is a PTA nerdy mom who enjoys wandering Bed, Bath & Beyond for new toys for both in and out of the kitchen *wink, wink*.