Spanking, flogging & Impact Play…oh my!

BDSM Percussion Play… Spanking, flogging, impact play…the BDSM basics…will be the subject of this interactive class. Mary Ann will go over specific impact play techniques with an emphasis on:

  • safety
  • pain tolerance
  • endorphins
  • pain/pleasure dynamic
  • and much more…

Types of toys will be discussed from wooden paddles to leather to stainless steel. Floggers from elk to suede to rubber will be discussed.

Class participants are encouraged to bring their own percussion toys and be prepared to share their stories–or discuss ones they would like to create to help with credibility and authenticity.


A little about the presenter: 
Mary Ann has been involved in public BDSM for over twenty years. She is a former Board Member and Secretary of TES (the oldest and largest BDSM group in the Northern Hemisphere). Mary Ann is a Sadist and Top who always has a ready smile. She is known as the “Sweet and Innocent Domme!” —-but don’t let that fool you or you’ll be sorry & very toasty on various parts of your body. She’s an wealth of knowledge that’s always open to discussion the lifestyle and how to make life more enjoyable.


This workshop is perfect for anyone–beginners to experienced alike. Authors will love it for the vast depths and food for thought and examples it’ll provide for their future stories; and readers will love it because it’s fabulous information and you get to try a few things as well. So bring your impact toys–floggers, canes, and paddles. Don’t have one, purchase one from our marvelous vendors and lets get cracking.