Special Invite from Lynda Aicher

Lynda Aicher (2)

Special Invitation from

Keynote Speaker
New York City August 2017
Lynda Aicher


Who wouldn’t want to come in New York City—or come to New York City? I’d like to personally invite you to do both in 2017 at the BDSM Writers Con. Okay, the actual coming will be up to you, but your attendance could provide the insight you’ve been looking for—to write that next book, of course.

Writing a novel is not an easy task—ever. There are so many components that go into crafting a compelling story from plot points to character arcs to grammar and sentence structure. Add in a sexual story line and the complexity increases. Make the sex about a subject a large majority of the population still classifies as taboo, deviant, scandalous, or worst of all wrong, and the task ahead can be incredibly daunting.

The BDSM Writers Con is a fantastic place to learn about and explore the truths behind the fiction. Take workshops, experience live demos, gather information from people in the lifestyle and those who write about it. Best of all, you get to hang out with a group of adults who share your interests. Whether you’re a reader, a seasoned writer or just getting started, experienced in the BDSM lifestyle or vanilla to the bone, the BSDM Writers Con has something to offer you.

I’m looking forward to the BDSM Writers Con 2017 in New York City and I’m honored to be presenting the keynote address. I can’t wait to meet all of you and expand my own knowledge because there is always something new to learn.

I’ll see you in New York City!

Lynda Aicher

Bestselling Author of the Wicked Play and Kick series
2015 Golden Flogger Award Winner
2015 Romance Writers of America RITA finalist for Best Erotic Romance