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Miranda Baker is the author of the Come Again and Double Helix series for Samhain Publishing. A longtime reader of smut, she decided the best way to get her groove back after having three kids would be to write some. Exploring the world of BDSM on the page sparked a craving for real life experience, so she and her husband began switching. In her opinion, fantasy is less complicated than reality, but not nearly as rewarding. *wink*

What was the inspiration for your Come Again series?
I overheard a sexy sales girl in a condom shop waxing eloquent on the marvels of silicone-based lubricant, and Crystal, my bisexual psychic, was born. She works in a sex shop called Come Again, and her friends and co-workers inspired the other books in tMiranda Baker GirlTroublehe series. The Come Again girls run the gamut from straight to bisexual to gay, but all of them are kinky, in one way or another. The upcoming book in the series (March 2014) is called GIRL TROUBLE, and is a lesbian BDSM erotic romance. Writing such a wide variety of sexualities has been challenging in terms of building a niche with readers, but I believe love is love and sexy is sexy, all the way across the rainbow. My characters are who they  are—just like the people I meet in real life.

Which is easier: writing kink or doing it?
Oh man, writing it, at least for this woman. I can command the psychology of my characters, and I can do research about BDSM. I can’t predict how I’m going to respond during a scene. I can’t control my husband when I’ve agreed to bottom. After fifteen years of marriage, we can finish each other’s sentences, but we can’t read each other’s minds. Fun kink requires communication, energy, and determination…at least for this couple. That’s why I’m so excited about BDSM Writers Con. My husband and I are attending together, and we plan to have fun while learning about our favorite form of recreation.

Top or bottom?
For me, that depends on the phase of the moon, how many deadlines I have, and whether I’m in the middle of writing a book or editing one. I don’t think it’s like that for everyone. When I get stressed out, I don’t enjoy having more demands placed on me. I want to top. Miranda Baker PowerTripWhen I’m writing a book, and I’m firmly in the creative zone, I like to brainstorm. I’ll do what I’m told and like it. Luckily, I don’t have to pick one or the other because my husband is an equal opportunity kinkster. He’s up for anything, which is how Chapter Ten of SoloPlay came into being. Yes, sideways/anal/fingers/pretzel position is physically possible. But my husband is still annoyed that I called him up to the bedroom to make sure, then sent him back down to watch the kids while I wrote the rest of the scene.

What are you presenting at the conference?
From the Books to the Bedroom: Bringing Fantasy to Life and Be Careful or You’ll End Up in My Novel: Using D/s experience to write the Next Book. Shocking, right? I’m very much looking forward to over-sharing and picking my co-presenters brains. Cris Anson, Leia Shaw, and Desiree Holt, be warned! I’m looking for inspiration…

What’s next?
A total freebie! When I was writing GIRL TROUBLE, there were a few scenes that didn’t fit into the timeline, but I got excited every time I thought about writing them. Destiny and Miranda Baker TopStudentJohnny from BOTTOMS UP teaching Bonita’s girlfriend how to be a Domme? I wanted to be a fly on the wall for that. I thought readers might want to be there, too. Samhain Publishing has graciously agreed to release TOP STUDENT as a free prequel to GIRL TROUBLE. So…if a forty page BDSM sex scene that segues from m/f to f/f to f/f to m/f/f sounds like fun to you, pre-order it wherever fine kinky e-books are sold! Or Amazon. Have a good time. 😉

I hope to see y’all in August! I’ll be the one taking notes. 😉

Miranda Baker Bottoms Up

Special Note: Miranda has agreed to answer any questions you may have. Plus she’s giving away a few copies of her book Bottoms Up. Be sure to leave a comment to be entered to win!


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  1. It was all for research sake right Miranda! 😉 Thanks for the free ebook, I’m sure to find some inspiration after reading it *wink*. I didn’t get your ebook Doctor Ferrer, hint, hint! Hope you ladies have a great holiday season!


  2. Sarah,

    Pleased you found her interview inspiring. She’s wonderful and is dedicated to bringing great BDSM stories to her readers. chuckles…do so love how she gets inspired.

    Please email me privately that I can send you the information on a FREE book from Miranda Baker. And I’ll throw in one of mine as well for being the first to leave a comment. doctorcharley@doctorcharley(dot)com.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Live with passion,
    Doctor Charley…

  3. Great interview Dr. Ferrer! I love that she sent her hubby back downstairs to watch the kids after getting inspired to finish writing a scene!

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