September 8, 2013

Hello there,

September brings with it many changes and wonders. Not only is the weather changing bringing with it holidays which make us want to tear our hair out one minute and smile with joy the next, it also brings with it new opportunities and continuing additions to BDSM WRITERS CON 2014.

As a writer, you’ll discover nuances into the world of Dominance and submission which will assist you in creating more amazing and realistic characters and scenes. Imagine your  fingers flying across the keyboard as you tell a new story.

Not a writer? Not to worry! If you read 50 Shades and are curious about the erotic world of Dominance and submission, let us provide you with a peak behind the Leather curtain in a safe comfortable environment. Relax and dip your toe into the erotic waters of the power exchange while you giggle with friends, explore your naughty side, or discover scenes which will capture your imagination as we spend the night at a BDSM Club.  There are so many activities planned, you may not get to them all; but not to worry, we’ll be back in 2015.

This week it’s my privilege to introduce to you Desiree Holt, one of our Featured Authors and workshop presenters. Desire is also one of the driving forces uniting us with our fabulous publishers: Total eBound Publishing, Decadent Publishing and Riptide Publishing. Publishers who are providing the book contracts for our BEST BDSM Book of the Year book contest.

Desiree Holt provides an interesting portrayal of one author’s journey into the world of Dominance and submission. Please ensure to read her blog below. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

Next week:
Tune in next week when we reveal the conference logo for BDSM WRITERS CON.  I might even let you see my crude drawing (though I’m sure you’ll laugh) and how our amazingly talented designer made that drawing into the beautiful logo it was meant to be. Many thanks also goes to Rose C. Carole who help me design the logo.

BDSM WRITERS CON is your conference! Let us know what you’d like to see and the workshops you’d like to attend. And of course, contact us if you’re interested in presenting a workshop for authors, readers, and the general public. Visit our workshops for our up-to-date list.

Any questions, please ensure to contact me directly.

PS: Please be sure to add us to your approved email list and browser since part of our name “BDSM” may send us to the “naughty bin” and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of this fabulous information.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
Founder & Host
BDSM Writers Con

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