Newsletter — September 1, 2013

Hi all,

I want to take a moment to share with you a little about the history of BDSM Writers Con. As you may have heard, we started out as a 3-Day Intensive Workshop teaching writers the psychology of BDSM, the emotional connections formed by participants, and the foundation of Dominance and submission. We provided intensive workshops on how to create realistic characters and scenes, how to train a slave, and corresponding workshops on criminal minds, PTSD and behavioral issues. There has been such a demand and need for BDSM education that we have morphed into a four day conference open to both authors and readers bringing you BDSM WRITERS CON 2014.

For our inaugural conference, we have expanded our workshop presentations to include a multitude of authors, publishers, and lifestyle presenters. BDSM Writers Con is a one of a kind event as it is the first author’s conference which tailors exclusively to the needs of authors writing in this uniquely erotic genre while incorporating the needs of the reader. Plus we’ve also added several author/reader mix and mingle events including our awards ceremony, a night out at a BDSM club, and more.

BDSM Writers Con will cover topics in both BDSM and erotica! Some of the workshop topics include: BDSM Romance; polyamory; LGBTQ dominance and submission; Otherworldly BDSM; Paranormal/UF kink; psychology of BDSM; a publishers panel; Self-Publishing 101, Dominant women’s panel; Creating your own BDSM Club; Healing and Catharsis through BDSM; From the Novel to the Bedroom; writing what you know; creating the perfect alpha male submissive, and many more. We will also have panels and live demonstrations by individuals who actually embrace and live the BDSM lifestyle. For a list of our workshops click here. (Note: we are constantly updating our workshops as we find the perfect presenter.)

Next year brings with it another first for us as we host the Best BDSM Book of the Year Awards!  With teamed up with publishers, Riptide Publishing, Total eBound Publishing, and Decadent Publishing, who have graciously offered to provide our First Place Winners with a book contract. The publishers have even offered to provide the second place winners with a book contract—but you have to “wow them” first. The three award categories are new novels featuring:  Dominant woman/submissive man, Dominant man/submissive woman, and LGBTQ Dominance and submission. Whether you’re published or unpublished, submit your new manuscript today. Winners will be announced during our BEST BDSM BOOK OF THE YEAR 2014 Award Ceremony, August 21, 2014.

Each week we will be bring you updates about BDSM WRITERS CON 2014 and highlight one of our wonderful speakers, workshop, or a planned event. This week it’s my pleasure to introduce our Keynote Speaker, Joey W. Hill.  I couldn’t think of a more apropos author to bring in our inaugural conference.  If you don’t already know Joey and love her writing, just pick up one of her stories and you will immediately be hooked.  I first discovered her when reading A Vampire Queen’s Servant.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
Founder & Host
BDSM Writers Con

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