Samantha Cayto

Today I want to introduce you to Samantha Cayto author of several books on BDSM romance and a presenter at BDSM Writers Con in August in NYC. You can always find her at Wild Wicked Weekend in Houston Texas in February 2014. Read below to learn a little more about her then join us live and ask her more questions; or you can do it here, no need to wait.

Samantha Cayto

What inspired you to write erotic romance?
I fell in love, if you will, with romance novels early in my law career. On a gut level, the romance took me away from the more boring aspects of my job if only for a few minutes. The one drawback was that I didn’t think the sex was spicy enough. I’m glad to be in a position to help rectify that for other readers.

Why BDSM in particular?
Not all my stories have BDSM elements but I’m a Domme, so I was delighted when the rest of the world started catching onto how much pleasure and fun there is in the lifestyle.

Why would a straight woman want to write about gay men?
I’ve always been attracted to gay men and the idea of two men having hot sex together is a total turn-on. Once again, I’m so happy to find other women feel the same way.

How does a straight woman write about two men having sex when obviously she has never done that?
One word – toys! Or maybe two words – toys and the internet. Come to the panels I’m on for the conference and learn how I go about doing research.


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