BDSM Writers Con — Newsletter — February 3, 2014

Hi all,

What an amazing weekend. Can you believe we’re in February already?

No one says Happy New Year anymore but hey, we can say, “Happy New York!” since we’re looking forward to greeting you when you join us for BDSM Writers Con in August.

Picture courtesy Captured Erotica

Picture courtesy Captured Erotica

Tired of the flowers & candy for Valentine’s Day? Get your honey registered for BDSM Writers Con and save $50. Just use the coupon code: FANS.

This is the perfect conference to bring your hubby or loved one. And the perfect conference to open their minds to naughty…I mean…new possibilities.

Plus as a Valentine’s Gift for you, sign-up for my 365 Days of Love & Sex Tips and receive a complimentary subscription for your loved one!

Check out our workshops page for information on our latest addition, Kinky Confessional, hosted by Eden Bradley, Robin L. Rotham, Miranda Baker, and Joey W. Hill.

Also check out our Blog Interview with Samantha Cayto

And don’t forget to join us Monday nights at 9:00 pm Eastern for our LIVE CHAT. Click here to join us. Or go to my website to discover who my special guest for the night is: www.DoctorCharley.comlove_3(1)

This week, February 3rd, it’s Miranda Baker. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about love, sex, and being naughty. Plus, you can also check out her Blog Interview here.

Remember to spread the word about BDSM WRITERS CON. The more the merrier!

Well, ok, seating is  limited to 300 participants so they’d better hurry and register today!


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