Newsletter June 30, 2015

Before you celebrate the 4th of July, help us celebrate the release of our second annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2015.  Our anthology is available for
Pre-Orders through Amazon or in paperback.

BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2015 brings you some amazing authors who will all be attending the conference.

If you’re joining us for BDSM Writers Con August 20-23 in New York City, reserve your copy now and save $5.95. Plus, have all our authors autograph it for a special prize.

Below is a little information about our second annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology:

How do you take your BDSM? Light and naughty or with bolder twists and turns that’ll take a bite and leave you wanting more? Or do your tastes run along the razor’s edges demanding a lover surrender all?

Roz Lee starts this year’s BDSM Writers Con Anthology with a light D/s story about justice in Sentenced and Kestra Gravier reveals a few behaviors Not Safe for Work.  Arlee Scott makes her writing debut by sharing a naughty power exchange in The Birthday Present while Elizabeth SaFleur shows how there’s more to submission than merely surrendering in White Jeans.

Just like steam rises so does the level of our D/s as Cris Anson starts pushing the boundaries in it Takes two to Tango and Becca Jameson demands Blind Trust from her submissive. Gray Dixon proves that a little exhibitionism can open many doors in Scene and be Seen; while Rhiannon Ayers reveals what is meant when a Dominant declares, The Pleasure is ALL Mine!

And if you dare walk the razor’s edge, Alaska Angelini will remind you to be careful what you wish for in her hard hitting BDSM dark erotica, Rush.

Purchase your eBook or paperback copy before the end of this 4th of July weekend and receive a free eBook.

Special Bonus: receive a coupon for $3 off my new Journal Book —
Domme Says…

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

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