BDSM Writers Con 2015 Closing Remarks

What an amazing conference!

I had such a marvelous time meeting all our new participants and seeing those that returned for another year of fun, workshops, and exploration.  As you already know, every conference takes on the energy of those attending and this year was no less than magnificent.

BDSM Writers Con is dedicated to providing participants with workshops to help you learn about the various aspects of Dominance and submission catering to both readers and writers.  Each year we strive to provide you with unique workshops. This year we added rope bondage and the SM Exploritorium, just to name a few. Next year, we’re adding a few how-to-write workshops and classes on negotiation and interrogation—perfect for those writing military stories and dark erotica or are interested in learning about the higher levels of play.  For those joining us in Everett Washington—just 30-miles outside of Seattle—you will participate in our first BDSM Writers BALL.

I appreciate all those who volunteered their time and their jubilant energy; especially Rose, Karla and Jenny who put so much effort into ensuring the conference was a huge success; and Cecilia Tan our Keynote Speaker with her opening words of encouragement. I also want to send a shout-out to our speakers who offered a marvelous blend of laugher and education in both our BDSM and writer’s track. Plus, a special “Thank you” to all our vendors and sponsors who offered so much swag and giveaways that our participants had to repack their suitcases to fit it all. This year rivalled last year’s giveaways with over 50 items being provided, including vacation getaways from Caliente Resorts; whips from Victor Tella at Quality Whip; a Violet Wand and more toys from Naughty Delight; high quality metal cuffs & collars from Dungeon Delights; books from Jolynn Raymond; our Golden Flogger Awards from De Tail toys; and, jewelry from SubSensuals. Plus one of our major sponsors, NCSF was present to provide us with valuable intel on our sexual rights.

I want to again congratulate our BDSM Book Contest winners: Rose C. Carole who received a book contract from Totally Bound; Arlee Scott and Breezy Woods who received a fiction book contract from Riverdale Avenue books, as well as Chloe Youngquist, Mistress Lynne and Summer Sterling who receive non-fiction book contracts.

And of course, special applause for all our Golden Flogger Award winners:  Sierra Cartwright, Cherise Sinclair, Drury Jamison, Elizabeth SaFleur, Lynda Aicher, Sean Michael, Jennifer Kacey, Joey W. Hill, Mike Makai and D.L. King.

Let’s not forget our fabulous Anthology authors: Roz Lee, Cris Anson, Gray Dixon, Kestra Gravier, Arlee Scott, Elizabeth SaFleur, Becca Jameson, Rhiannon Ayers, and Alaska Angelini. We still have a few copies on discount just for you.

Remember to register for next year’s BDSM Writers Con either in New York City or our new west coast conference in Everett Washington which includes our first BDSM Writers Ball. Yes, you can invite friends and fans to the BALL without them registering for the conference; however, why would anyone want to miss out on the full experience of BDSM Writers Con?

Be sure to take advantage of our west coast celebration discount rate available for a limited time and save on either our New York City or Everett conference.  And for authors who register for both conferences, you’ll receive a 2-for-1 Featured Author status deal.

Thank you for being a part of our BDSM Writers Con community now and in the future!

PS: Please ensure to email me your thoughts on how to improve the conference, the book fair, and your time with us. Plus, write us a blog or testimonal and share your experience with us & the world. We’ll even place your comments in our “In the News” or “He said She said” website section. Remember, if you have a workshop you’d like us to add or you’d like to teach, please contact us.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
Host & Founder




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