Playing in a hotel.

My partner and I are going to a hotel for a few days to be able to indulge our need for kink. Since we’re still new at this, can you recommend ways that I can restrain my partner while at the hotel.

Nashville, TN

Hi Marie,

Playing in a hotel room is fun but a pain in the butt when it comes to restraints. Door Restraints 2You can get door restraints which look like the one to your left.Door Restraints But this one is more for standing if you want to Whip or Flog someone. You can’t really do these activities if the slave is laying down on a bed. Though you can if they’re on the floor and you’re standing over them but that’s not the best way possible. Also you can sensually torment them while you have them tied to the door. It’s all up to you.

Or you can purchase a restraint kit like this one. beginners bondageThis one is actually great since you can use it to tie to the bedposts or tie your partner to the chair in the hotel. And it’s no fuss. Plus you can crisscross the bindings (left arm & right leg etc.) from behind and the person effectively restrains themselves. The straps are adjustable so you can have the submissive lightly restrained or pull the straps in tight and you have them hog tied. You can even have them kneeling and shorten the straps so the arms are just about touching the ankles. This will arches the body a bit–always a beautiful display.

Live with passion,

Doctor Charley…


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